Is the Springs community generally generous? 

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Springsians come through in times of widespread calamity and crisis. But otherwise, perceptions differ regarding how willing we are to help those in need.

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Stig Jantz of Pueblo is a project specialist

Rate the generosity of Springsians on a scale of 1 to 10. I'd put it at 4. Way too many people here don't want to contribute to the community by paying the taxes essential for maintaining our infrastructure and parks.

How do you feel about religiously oriented nonprofits? Giving is a wonderful thing, period. I'd like to see more inter-faith groups working together, and religious and secular groups collaborating.

What's your best experience doing something for charity? Involvement in a program in Pueblo called Tom and Louie's Cupboard. Food is donated from all over Pueblo that young people deliver to about 500 families in need.

What nonprofit would you start if you could? It would provide teens with projects that empower them to give back to the community — teach them to dream big and think critically while picking up skills they can translate back into the workplace.

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Cindy O'Keefe of Old Colorado City works for Carnival Cruise Lines

What local nonprofit merits more credit than it's getting? Silver Key [Senior Services].

What's your feeling on religiously oriented nonprofits in town? I'm sure some are better than others, but they often attach strings to their help.

If you personally could solve just one societal problem, what would it be? I see a lot of homelessness. I wish there were something I could do in that regard.

Relate your best experience working with a charity. Helping the Marian [House] Soup Kitchen organize their pantry. It was nice getting there early in the morning and being part of a group making this huge, well-appreciated meal.

If you could start a nonprofit, what would it be? One that houses and feeds women, and that offers classes to help them get skills they need for a new start.

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Douglas Tapp of the Thorndale Park area is a Rolfer

On a scale of 1 to 10, how generous is the Springs community? They tend to be generous during times of widespread emergency and crisis. I'd give them a 7.

Name a nonprofit that merits better recognition. TESSA. It houses and helps out abused women.

Relate your best-ever "giving" experience. I used to live a couple doors down from this lady in her 90s. I'd shovel her walks when it snowed and help her out when she needed it.

Do you have any future plans for "giving"? My wife and I are leaving our money to the Trails and Open Space Coalition.


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