It's Academy Awards time again 

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Glitz, celebrity, limousines, paparazzi, puddles of diamonds, one-of-a-kind show gowns, plunging necklines ... it's Academy Awards time again.

Phil O'Brien of the Old North End is a graphic designer

Will you watch the Oscars? It's a good way to scout out what'll be coming up at the dollar cinema over the next year.

Do you have a favorite Oscar memory? I was in a job in Hollywood one year right around Oscar time and they'd set up a red-carpet stroll down a little avenue on a movie lot.

What would you wear to the Oscars if you were up for an award? The antique tuxedo I got married in decades ago and haven't been able to sell.

If they made a movie of your life, what would it be called and who'd play the lead? It'd be called Roll Bar No. 67-77 — after the roll bar in the race car I just sold — and the lead would be Tommy Lee Jones, David Letterman or Sting.

Juliet Gordon of downtown is an unemployed recent college grad

How closely do you follow the Oscars? I like to see the clothes.

What'll win Best Film? I hope it's Beasts of the Southern Wild. I like that they didn't use professional actors.

Do you have a favorite Oscar moment? Halle Berry's speech when she got best actress for Monster's Ball.

What would you wear if you walked the red carpet? Timberland boots with really, really high spiked heels and a really good-looking suit and a blazer with a plunging neckline that needs all sorts of tape to hold it together.

If they did a movie of your life, what would it be called and who'd play you? It'd be called Trouble in the Fireplace, and I'd be played by a young Robert De Niro in drag.

Joe Craig of the Patty Jewett area is an economics professor

How closely do you follow the Oscars? I hear about it a little in the big push leading up, and read about it a little afterwards.

Which of the movies nominated for this year's Best Picture have you seen? Zero Dark Thirty, which I liked a lot, and Argo.

Predict this year's winner. I suspect it'll be Lincoln, and Daniel Day-Lewis will get best actor.

Name your favorite Oscar moment. The time the old-timer cowboy guy from City Slickers [Jack Palance] got up on stage and started doing one-handed push-ups.

What would the movie of your life be titled, and who'd play the lead? It'd be called either Absolute Randomness or Stumbling Through Life, and Daniel Craig would play the lead.


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