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Polls indicate a significant percentage of adults take their viewpoints on issues directly from "news personalities" people like NBC's Tim Russert, who died last week. How about you?

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Tom Evans
Manitou Springs

High-tech consultant
What was your view of Tim Russert? I liked his style. He asked the questions I would have asked, and didn't stop until he got an answer.

Who's your favorite news person? The one I grew up watching, Walter Cronkite. He had an air of objectivity, though I was too young to know if it was real.

Name a news person you dislike. Mike Rosen. He won't allow full airing of contrary opinions. He just keeps saying what he has to say, overriding opposing views.

What's your primary news source? The Internet. It's easy and convenient.

What's your biggest complaint with news reportage? News coverage in the U.S. is highly politicized. How true that is becomes clear when you read foreign perspectives, like in The Economist, a British news publication.

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Chris Peacock
Mountain Shadows

Stay-at-home dad
What was your opinion of Tim Russert? I thought he was very fair and balanced as host of Meet the Press.

Who's your favorite news person? To tell the truth, I like Rich Tosches. I've followed him at the Gazette, in Denver, and now at the Independent. He's funny, but he treats real topics.

Your least favorite? That's easy Bill O'Reilly. I despise the way he interrupts and bullies people, constantly cutting them off.

What's your main source of news? For local news, the Gazette and the Independent. I get national and world news from the Internet, mostly MSNBC.

How could news coverage improve? I believe 30 percent of what I hear on TV news. Also, there's too much fluff and sensationalism. I have zero interest in what's happening with Britney Spears.

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Kacy Cross

Human resources recruiter
How will you remember Tim Russert? As a fair but tenacious interviewer. He kept his personal views out and kept after people until they answered his question.

Name your favorite news person. Ira Glass on This American Life. He's very insightful and thoughtful.

How about your least favorite? Rush Limbaugh springs immediately to mind.

What's your main beef with news reportage? It's so fear-driven and negative. It fixates on the sensational and rarely reports the positive.

How much influence do networks and top news people really have? Most people take what they hear on McNews for fact. Few really delve into issues or seek multiple sources.


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