It's not just Obama-McCain 

In an increasingly important battleground state, Coloradans are zoned in on and passionate about the Barack Obama-John McCain presidential race. But to date, at least we're showing scant interest in local races and ballot issues.

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Don Preckwinkle
West side


Can you name any of the ballot issues in this year's election? There's one about companies deducting union dues from paychecks, one about doing away with no-bid contracts, and one about gambling towns raising limits.

What's your view of mail-in balloting? It lets you read and think about the ballot issues while you're deciding how to vote. Plus, it's convenient.

What's the most offensive campaign TV commercial you've seen? I find most of the stuff Obama is saying offensive.

Will Colorado go red or blue this time? Hopefully red. We don't need a socialist state.

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Tom Huntington

At-home dad

Name one of the amendments on the ballot. I'm mostly interested in the presidential election. I don't follow local news all that closely.

Is there a candidate you especially want to win? In spite of my age, this is the first time I've registered to vote. McCain and Obama are both interesting, but I'm hoping Obama wins. I really believe there'll be change with him.

Will Colorado go red or blue this time? My wife has been following this closely in discussions at work. She's thinking Colorado will go blue.

How effective are negative campaign ads? I'm really tired of mudslinging. It makes everyone bitter.

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Alex Fecteau Briargate

Commercial pilot

Can you name any of the ballot issues this election? Not yet. I travel a lot on my job, so I pay most attention to the national election. I'll read that campaign booklet they sent out, though, and vote by mail. I'm often away on voting day.

What's the most offensive campaign ad being aired? The Republican ads lying about Obama wanting to teach children sex education and saying that he's voted to raise taxes 94 times this when, using the same yardstick, McCain voted to raise taxes 477 times. That kind of nonsense aggravates me.

Whom do you support in the Bob Schaffer-Mark Udall Senate race? Udall. I was in the military for quite some time and saw firsthand how they lied us into war in Iraq. People aren't aware of the wholesale slaughter that's happened there. I want every Republican possible removed from office.


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