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Re: “Toothless

I am sending this in response to the article ‘Toothless’ ; When no one enforces meth-lab laws, renters find an ugly monkey on their back. by Chet Hardin Dated Oct. 27, 2011 I am not sure how to receive responses to this request, however I would assume they should go through this publication.
Please print this as a response or letter to the editor. Thank you.

Too many unanswered questions??????? November 2, 2011
This has been a very devastating experience for our entire family. Carmine, Celina and their three children; then 4, 2 & 4 months, moved from his school in Idaho to Colorado Springs for Carmine to fulfill his internship with the Broadmoor. He came understanding that housing was provided but learned that there was a misunderstanding and Carmine would need to locate housing for his family of 5. He searched, for quite some time, with the help of others to locate a home that seemed safe and near his work. Not knowing the area, he believed this to be a good fit. We helped them move them and their storage from our home, boxes of items, furniture, dishes, clothing, books, toys, golf equipment, interior décor’ all their belongings they brought from Idaho into this apartment. There were some things in the apartment that needed repaired and the landlords came and assured the Allen’s that the repairs would be made. They agreed to get the toilet working, the dryer vented outside, the ceiling holes repaired etc. Soon they glued the toilet back together which lasted only a few days and since that it seemed that very little was done to complete any repairs until the ceiling in their lower apartment started to fall in. They did partial repairs on this damage, promising to finish it on a later date, which never happened.
Overall the kids were doing okay but realized they were living in a home that most likely would not meet rental codes but they were there for a short time and they were making it work. One day Celina called us and told us they were being moved out of the duplex, on 2033 Mount Washington Ave., due to the fact that it had been a previous methlab and that they had to leave everything behind. With very little time and under close supervision they left all behind and believe me they were able to take very little due to what they were told was legal (to see what Colorado says is legal go to this site: http://www.forensic-applications.com/meth/… ) because of the concern of contamination. This was only the few clothes on their backs, a few personal items, a few things for the children. That is all they were able to take with them!!!!
Most of their personal items were moved out of the apartment into a storage pod which sat outside the home for months and several of their things were just left in the house. The home was evacuated by the authorities and taped off. This was all done without the Allen’s being present. Then the items were supposedly cleaned but were never released to the Allen family. The Allen’s were told by authorities that they had not been cleaned properly and would not be able to retain their things until they were cleaned properly. This pod sat outside this home for months and one day it disappeared. No one seems to know where Carmine & Celina’s things are now.
It is stated in the last (Toothless) report that the Forces’ cleaned the property in accordance with the standards at the time. Removed all the carpet, cleaned and painted, power-washed all the walls in the garage. And were told that, they had done their job'. In other words, the home was cleaned by the landlords to meet state requirements prior to renting this out. If this is true; then WHY did the Allen family as well as the family upstairs have to be evacuated from their homes in such a quick manner? Why didn’t the authorities assure them that they should be fine to live there? Why were the Allens’ possessions held by the authorities? Why did all of their personal items have to be cleaned?? And why did the officer with the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division and VNI Detective Chace Passanante determine that the Forces duplex was legally uninhabitable and on the contaminated list. Why was this apartment ever rented out without proper clearance? (All of the expensive repairs Forces put into this home as indicated in ‘Toothless’ have taken place after the Allens’ & the upstairs tenants were evacuated this past year.)
The landlord offered the Allen family a different apartment that they owned; however, it wasn’t carpeted, no heat, not ready to be lived in but they would let them move into it under the circumstances. How was that a place to move a young family in the middle of winter?? The Broadmoor did provide an apartment for them while Carmine finished out his internship for a few months. This was through December of 2010. In January 2011 the kids moved back in with us but this time without all their storage and have been basically homeless, jobless and no way to get back to school as planned. Friends and family have provided food, housing, clothing, toys, gifts, money and whatever they can to give these kids some comforts. In the mean time they have been attempting to get legal counsel and coverage from their renters insurance through Allstate. Part time jobs and temporary housing for the family has been their lives for over a year now.
Carmine and Celina sought legal counsel who gave them advise that they followed and were confident they were in good hands, only to find out 9 months into this that the attorney firm decided there wasn’t enough money in it for them to continue to support the kids in making this right. Their insurance company has denied any coverage due to the fact that they have no prior case to base this on. This family needs help in getting their things back and to be able to get their lives back. They need their insurance to come through for them. And if there are medical concerns for the family they need to know what to do. Carmine is not hiding behind these children. Yes, they are beautiful children. And yes, they are a concern for Carmine, he is their daddy and he wants to make sure they are cared for medically and he wants them to have their toys back ONLY if they are safe. He wants his wife to have her things back ONLY if they are safe. He doesn’t want his family contaminated by someone else’s lack of responsibility towards doing what is right. Carmine is trying to do what he believes is the right thing to do. His family and friends have been very supportive but he needs good sound legal advice and he needs his insurance company to fulfill their responsibility in this. He needs his family possessions back and hopefully they are in good condition. They have not seen these things since the day they were taken out of the house into the storage pod. He has been told they have been cleaned by some cleaning company hired by the landlord. Where are the Allens’ furniture, clothing, toys, dishes, books, bikes, piggybanks, paintings, clocks, moped, jewelry, etc. now? Who has them, and why were they never released to this family??? The landlord claims to have had the renters possessions cleaned at an expense that financially devastated him. If this is so, what did he have to do to these things to get them cleaned? In all reality, if the landlord indeed believed that this apartment was a safe place to rent out-no matter who the family was- then these items should not have needed special cleaning at all. In fact the families in both apartments should have been able to continue to live there. None of this should have happened. Why didn’t they go to the authorities and clear this up so the Allen family and the upstairs renters could move back into their apartments? These are only a few of our many questions; where are the answers? Please, if anyone can give sound advice towards what steps should be taken in getting this family back on their feet please help! Thank you to everyone who responds towards finding answers to these questions and solutions for this family in need. Sincerely submitted.

Posted by JAllen on 11/02/2011 at 5:06 PM

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