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Re: “Letters

Donald, I appreciate your view point and the manner that you expressed. I as well have no sympathy for the drunks and find it intolerable the way some of these people act. But the fact is that is why we have a civilian police force. Rather it be their ill planning or budget issues, it does not make using federal military for civilian police actions. Perhaps the bars need to take some action to aiding in this process, however it is not a matter to force legislation as it is ridiculous to hold a business accountable for individual consumers who act on their own will. Perhaps if it continues less people will start showing up, the bars will lose more money and they will naturally implement new procedures or go out of business. That is the correct manner, free market and capitalism. The fact stands that it is illegal. It is our responsibility as well to uphold those rights or liberties when infringed upon. It is the demeanor of self responsibility. It is also not a correct situation if the civilian police force hands over the management to the military and having the military patrol the streets for fear tactics. If people are not held accountable there is no influence for change. Instead of going with "well it's not working, lets pass this on to someone else" it is the personal responsibility of them to continually address the situation and try new methods. Engaging in an illegal attempt in order to shortcut responsibility is not ok.

Posted by JB on 07/22/2008 at 11:34 AM

Re: “Letters

Larry S, While such detrimental information certainly should be available to the public it is a clear marketing ploy to entice people into membership. This of course helps the funding of the organization which allows them time to have people investigate records and give them a rating. It is a double edged sword. In having an online site it is pretty sound general rule of thumb that if you are to have a membership to a site that provides information or a service then you typically offer incentives. That is an angle on capitalism, nothing wrong with it, they know they have a niche and an authoritative presence that people will invest for their resources and information.

Posted by JB on 07/22/2008 at 7:34 AM

Re: “Letters

Mister, I agree with you in a sense, but to an extent. We are in deep trouble in this country and have been with suppression do to propaganda. Yes, everyone in our government swears to uphold the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Truly if we even looked at large scale efforts of nation building I would deem the act itself as a "terrorist" activity, and damn I am so sick of that buzzword used for everything. The reason I say so is because it starts tearing our country apart from the middle. With all the money we print and borrow from china I just picture the color red for china creeping more and more across our land, think in terms of debt how much of America they own now, we owe them a debt in some form or fashion. Doing this to make America safe? This keeps up there won't be an America to defend and desperation will force this nation into its own civil war and revolution. I think the bottom line is that our soldiers do have every intent to do their job and do it well. I do not think they are the ones to be attacked; however, when this country starts to break will they have the better judgment to stand up against orders of martial law, will they have the courage to not take up arms against the masses that try to disband this ring of corruption and form a new government that is adherent to the constitution? In all the soldiers face the same issues that we as citizens do. They will not say "Enough is Enough" and go against orders for the same reason our civilian population is not already massing in hundreds of thousands with torches and pitchforks at our nations capital. I agree with the fact though that when even speaking against the military where it is due there is a reaction of sacrilegious treason returned. This story was even passed to the Gazette and KKTV, but given the fact that this is a military town will it get covered and investigated and those accountable prosecuted, no. Not a damn thing will happen and the sad thing is that even on other sources where this news has been posted there are more that try to make up excuses for the action rather than be extremely pissed for what it is, illegal. Illegal, Illegal, Illegal, but yet the sheeple graze on to determined and focus to fill their bellies while they take no notice of the pack of wolves forming in the shadows.

Posted by JB on 07/18/2008 at 11:02 AM

Re: “Letters

Ah yes, the age old argument "If your not doing anything wrong then what is the problem." Same argument with phone tapping and video surveillance. I have an idea, call the government and ask them to put a live feed camera in your living room and bedroom, after all if your not doing anything wrong, what's the problem? The reason those laws are in place is to prevent a federal police force from forming. History has already proven where the extent of national police can end up, ever heard of the SS? Next time perhaps take a moment away from trying to get signatures on the "I don't want any rights or civil liberties" petition you seem to be pushing and do some research on what is presented, after all, information is just a click away.

Posted by JB on 07/17/2008 at 9:37 AM

Re: “Hard times at Happy Ass

With all the information they were gathering through phone taps, and other information gathering I am quite sure they were aware that the event was going on. Anyone that would do a raid would actually increase monitoring to gather data before a raid, what would be a better time then having the opportunity to search more people that would be participating in the event.

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Posted by JB on 07/16/2008 at 9:49 AM

Re: “Hard times at Happy Ass

DEA is full of it. They found less than a pound and what... spent at least $500,000 of taxpayers money through the whole process. Way to go, not much ROI on that raid, i want my money back.

Posted by JB on 07/15/2008 at 9:17 PM

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