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Re: “Shooting blanks

Remember the polio-like cases here in Denver, CO., all of which showed up only in individuals who had been fully up-to-date on all their shots? Well check this out...

"CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — North Carolina could be seeing its first case of measles since the outbreak that began in California. That state announced Friday that they had 103 confirmed cases that began in mid-December, most in Orange County which is home to Disneyland where the outbreak began, according to WTVD." ~ Posted 2:45 pm, February 7, 2015

"The Cleveland County Health Department said the two patients tested negative for measles." ~ Updated at 10:27am, February 9, 2015…

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Posted by Jeff Welch on 02/21/2015 at 8:22 PM

Re: “Shooting blanks

I was sorely disappointed with this article. The Independent seems to have been bought. They're not supposed to be biased! They totally ignored the fact that the vaccinated CAN spread the diseases they're injected with (if it's a live virus, which they use today) through a process called "shedding." They completely ignored the fact that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program reports HUGE numbers of injuries *and* DEATHS. They entirely avoided the fact that the masses are not educated on how to naturally develop strong immune systems, and what to do when ill (with whatever), because "don't worry, the for-profit medical industry will take care of you!"

What about all the contagious people who go visit the doctor, the hospital, schools, playgrounds, the library, AND GROCERY STORES (to get their meds at pharmacies)? What about the fact that the incubation period of a vaccinated child can last for weeks, which means THEY are dangerous to the non-vaccinated as well as the immunocompromised? What about the involvement Big Pharma has with cover-ups, manipulated data, LAWSUITS from their own former employees, and enslaving the masses to drugs for life, for profit (watch "Bought Movie" by Jeff Hayes)? Your beloved Dr. Donald Henderson may as well be the Big Daddy of Big Pharma, yet his work and opinion is the only thing they cover in this article (but you're unbiased, right?). He speaks of "showing a picture" to scare us into getting vaccines; would he show the pictures from the vaccine-injured or killed? What about the new paralysis-inducing polio-like disease going around that ONLY shows up in the fully vaccinated?

Now to mention CSindy's lazy use of the word "eradicated," which vaccines have never done to any disease, ever. The infectious diseases you mention were already on their way out when they introduced vaccines. Can you prove that the vaccines didn't keep the diseases around? How can the vaccines have "eradicated" smallpox when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated? The Native Americans were the true sufferers of that one, afflicted by the poor hygiene and livestock introduction of the Europeans, and they bounced back just fine WITHOUT vaccines (despite the sadly huge amount of casualties -- read "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James Loewen for a more accurate accounting of our history). So no, vaccines did not eradicate the diseases. A change in lifestyle -- improvement of hygiene and diet -- are what had the diseases running (until the vaccines came along). Vaccine schedules begin at birth and are boosted at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months. In many cases, by the time the child is 6 years old they will have had dozens of doses. Funny how our Dr Henderson has failed to mention infants before 6 months usually cannot develop the antibodies they're vaccinated with because the immune system isn't even fully developed until somewhere between 6-12 months. Funny how The Independent seems to have ignored the original concept of "herd immunity," where the mother's breastmilk passes on her entire repertoire of immunity to the child; every disease her immune system has overcome throughout life. What, Dr. Henderson couldn't even admit that not only are vaccines still an uncertain science, often ineffective, but they are only temporary at best as an artificial "immunity?" Natural immunity is for life.

The question becomes, take a risk of being the cause of your child's injury and/or death by injecting them with numerous amounts of toxins, preservatives, heavy metals and other chemicals, even if it doesn't show up until they're older and become dependent on the pharmaceutical industry; or allow the immune system to develop naturally, to mature and become strengthened by fighting off infections the way it is intended to, and *respect* diseases by being educated and aware of how to deal with them in a manner most safe for the community. Hell, the medical industry doesn't even have that kind of respect for colds and flus, let alone any other contagion, and yet they're on authority to point the blame finger at us? Not sure about you, but I trust experience and peer-review results over the uncertain opinions of two-faced liars who stand to gain everything from us getting sick!

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Posted by Jeff Welch on 02/19/2015 at 8:11 PM

Re: “Sheriff race shaping up in El Paso County

I'm trying to find a contact email address for each of the candidates (all of them). Or their campaign managers, either way. Can anyone supply that for me?

Posted by Jeff Welch on 04/17/2014 at 6:29 PM

Re: “Wound Up About Fluoride

Hard to tell from your comment if you're for or against water-fluoridation, "happyfew."

The "conspiracy theorist" label is for closed-minded imbeciles who gobble up media propaganda rather than think for themselves. People just spew it out like another catch-phrase cliche, without even considering if it's true. There is much more "overwhelming evidence" that Fluoride does NOT prevent tooth decay, and DOES poison the body AND mind. The theory is that it helps teeth. The theory is that if you drink it, your teeth will be less likely to decay (when in FACT it is the processed fake CRAP people eat, and the unhealthy amounts of sugar, that cause the tooth decay in the first place). If parents don't want their kids' teeth to decay, don't feed them sugar! If we ate entirely organic food, we would be able to brush our teeth with nothing more than sticks, or fennel plants. The conspiracy facts are that Stalin began fluoridating water to keep his prisoners docile and apathetic (whoever doesn't believe Fluoride does that, take a look around sometime; the people who toss around "conspiracy theorist" labels at activists are the same people who don't give a rat's ass about Humanity or the Planet!). The conspiracy facts are that Fluoride causes cancer (as does "too much of anything" on different levels), and calcifies the Pineal Gland. It is also the fastest way to overload all organs with Candida. Take a look at the link I posted! :)

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Posted by Jeff Welch on 05/31/2013 at 7:09 PM

Re: “Wound Up About Fluoride


"While Bricker's quick to admit she's no expert on fluoride's health effects, she rejects the argument that the plan constitutes medication without the patient's informed consent." <--- really? Putting a poison into public water, forcing everyone who drinks from tap to consume it, is *not* medicating without patient's informed consent? I say Bricker is not qualified to operate in her position...

The article also mentions Sodium Fluoride as a "naturally occurring chemical" to this region. Misinformation alert!! SODIUM Fluoride is NOT natural. Other forms of Fluorine are...but NOT SODIUM FLUORIDE.

This city struggles with amounts (ppm) of Fluoride in the water...going so far as to mix west-slope water with the runoff of Pike's Peak to dilute it, using nearly $100k/year just to fluoridate water on top of the $634k spent for the equipment, regulating the ppm at different levels depending on what part of town... ALL BECAUSE THEY THINK IT PREVENTS TOOTH DECAY?

I mean many people are actually buying this S**T?! So, dentists don't want people to come in and get their teeth cleaned? HAHA I find that hard to believe...

And yet we allow corporations to load everything with sugar and we pump horrible food and candy into our kids' mouth...but don't worry, there's Fluoride in the water! 0.o

The lack of intelligence on this planet boggles my mind way too often...

Please educate yourself on Fluoride and then help me tell City Council to keep it to themselves:…

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Posted by Jeff Welch on 05/29/2013 at 2:50 PM

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