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Re: “A message from the middle

Rocky has it right.. there are plenty of laws on the books that should have stopped most of this madness if THEY WERE ENFORCED! The Navy yard shooter should have been placed on a do not sell list. So should have the theater shooter, the Sandy hook shooter was known to be a bit off the tracks (and he was denied a gun purchase and found a place to steal his weapons), the Army knew that the Ft. Hood shooter was going off the rails a long time before that happened too. More laws would not stop this if they are not going to be enforced and the criminals (by definition) are not going to abide by them. When these mad men do their evil and make the press, why call for even more that only infringe on those of us that do follow the laws. Why impede the 100's of 1000's of citizens who stop this kind of thing every year (that the press refuses to report on)? If there is going to be any kind of progress against this madness, it is going to be a societal change, not more laws that force Americans to become sitting ducks with a rape whistle and a sharp pencil praying for the police to get there in time when only seconds count.

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Posted by Jim Coda on 09/19/2013 at 9:42 AM

Re: “A message from the middle

Here ya go Bill Guman.... Morse said--

“Even though, you know, at this point, when you’re getting thousands of emails, you can’t read all of them, physically anyway. But it’s…We just have to stay away from some of this toxicity. We get the point that some of these folks think their Second Amendment rights are being abridged.… It’s not worth getting into that argument with them, and, so, just move along and don’t read any more of these than you absolutely have to, because it will wear on your psyche.”

Many Democratic legislators are taking Morse’s advice to heart, including Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, and state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, who skipped-out on their scheduled town hall meetings without notice.

Would post the link(s) but I think you know how to google and there are plenty with and without the video

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Posted by Jim Coda on 09/18/2013 at 5:51 PM

Re: “A message from the middle

Not bad Warren... and you will find most of us against the current wave of meaningless gun control will agree with back-ground checks. What our biggest problem is; when a maniac causes mayhem, they come after us law abiding people with new laws that we know the maniacs will not follow anyway. The they add insult be lying about the reasons for their new "controls". The Brady Bill didn't stop Columbine, The theater shooter was not reported when it became evident to professionals that he was going off the rails, NO victims of Sandy Hook were shot with more than a hand gun (but the AK is suddenly the weapon of evil) and now the Navy base when the first week of August it was reported he was losing his faculties, but no one thought about looking into he security clearance, yet within 12 hours Sen. Feinstein is calling for more gun laws! (?) really? BTW, that IS a gun free zone, look how that helped stop someone who has become un-hinged. What needs to be discussed is the societal shift that has put so little value on human life and so much on personal priority that would foster such madness.

As far as recall.. this is nothing new and anybody with knowledge of the Constitution knows this. If you recall, GOP Governor Scott Walker was up against it 2 years ago. Was that as disturbing for you too? The differences are 1) Gov.Walker believed in what he was being called on the carpet for and stood up to it and won even with the millions the labor unions and Demcratic party put into it. Here, Morse and Giron were cowards and even though they had 5 times the money the recall effort had, they spent it on womens rights issues and political B.S. against the candidates that were replacing them if they last and not defending their positions. And 2) The recall laws are in place to take out Representatives that violate their positions and for us the Gun issue was just the breaking point. Morse said on National TV "Ignore the e-mails from your constituents.. we know the right thing to do" In my book, he should have been fired there. Add to that, crippling rural Colorado with doubling the renewable energy mandates (why only them), over-hauling the election laws to allow gypsy voters, etc. This can go on, but the point is; they were elected as "Representatives" of us and they were only representing somebody else's political agenda.

There is a lot of talk about the NRA being the big bully who touched this all off. When will everybody accept it was US, the citizens of Colorado who were not allowed to testify when out of staters were who did this, the NRA only came in to assist a little when WE got it rolling. Anybody who whines about the big money NRA is being a bit more than hypocritical when they don't also admit the Bloomberg influence, personal calls from VP Biden and huge sums of money (multiples of the NRA donation) Giron and Morse used to lie and try to distract everyone from their bad politics that they were to cowardly to try to defend.

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Posted by Jim Coda on 09/18/2013 at 12:38 PM

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