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Re: “The left's answer to emboldened white supremacists? A militia of their own.

To say that 3% groups defend Nazis is pretty indicative of a biased slant. A lot of the oathkeeper and 3% groups actually are pretty anti-nazi and defended colored protesters against Nazis in Charlottesville.

And when you consider that this is their second time training and most three percenter groups have hundreds if not thousands of hours underneath their belt, well, just saying.

Anyone anytime in American decides to understand firearms and defend themselves as a good thing in my eye. But to be so intensely divisive is just feeding into the hegelian dialectic of the ruling class.

Their divide and conquer is working all too well.

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Posted by Joel Aigner on 09/29/2017 at 6:54 AM

Re: “What George was up to ...

Crony Capitalists (Fascists) don't like those that poke and prod... Such a sad commentary on the state of affairs in this city.

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Posted by Joel Aigner on 01/16/2014 at 1:17 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Bach vetoes Council budget changes

Is it me or did we not see a whole crop of Storm Trooper themed Dodge Chargers hit the streets Jan 1 this past year?

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Posted by Joel Aigner on 12/11/2013 at 11:10 PM

Re: “It's a story of highs and lows when talking marijuana

Unless TejonTech is also for the ban of recreational alcohol than they are hypocrite as alcohol empirically causes way more damage to the public's health and safety.

But even if that is the case, this is a move AGAINST the Free Market, Limited Government and the Will of the People and those that support it can't claim to love Liberty.

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Posted by Joel Aigner on 07/25/2013 at 8:09 AM

Re: “It's a story of highs and lows when talking marijuana

Dear Mayor Bach,

The purpose of this letter is to express concern about the recent comments you made regarding cannabis and its effects on the community. It is our position that... your statements either reflect an uneducated understanding of the facts, a prejudiced disposition that clouds your objectivity, or perhaps both. We find your viewpoints to not only be inaccurate and offensive but dangerous as well, being that they seem to indicate a purposiveness to ignore the will of The People.

Now. You have brought up three major points of contention and we’ll do our best to address them.

Your first point of contention is that somehow allowing recreational sales of cannabis is going to negatively impact public safety. Now to be a detriment to public safety many would say cannabis use would have to cause injury to either the health or property of the people in the community; let’s ponder that for a moment.

What statistics can you or Police Chief Pete Carey provide that supports such a concern? Can you show us data illustrating the correlation between Cannabis use and Spousal Abuse, Sexual Assault or even Vehicular Homicide for that matter? Based up your contention, one might be under the impression that you have data to back up such claims. However, we suspect such evidence fails to exist, or that if such evidence exists it is likely to not be nearly as compelling as the data that shows the relationship between such events and alcohol. To that end we invite both you and/or C.S.P.D. Chief Pete Carey to present actual facts and figures that support your supposition that Cannabis is a threat to public safety.

You also seem to have resorted to the same tactics that liberals have in their push for Gun Control with your claims that you’re willing to compromise your constituents Constitutional rights with the justification that you’re only doing so because you’re concerned about the safety of the children. To be fair, we're concerned about the safety of the children as well. Since A64 will help dissolve the black market while increasing production standards therefore leading to less crime and safer product, therefore we feel honoring the will and intent of the voters is consistent with wanting to protect our kids. Since Amendment 64 does not legalize the possession or consumption of cannabis by minors there is little logic behind using that as a justification to ignore the will of the people.

Perhaps you and Chief Carey would care to ban the sale of recreational alcohol. A recent study** performed by a team of psychiatrists at University of California at San Diego indicates that teenage drinking leads to significantly damaged white matter, which manifests itself in compromised spatial cognition and as the study states “there's a direct correlation between taking up binge drinking and declining intellectual performance.”

But once again, I suspect that the push by the Mayor and or Police Chief to ban recreational alcohol sales, that are in establishments with similar age limits as to what A64 calls for, in respect to public health is unlikely to take place anytime soon. In other words, why not shut down Cheer's and The Mansion to make sure no teenagers get hurt (or hurt anyone else) drinking and driving this summer?

You, along with reactionaries such as Joe Raso, president and CEO of Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance, also seem inclined to postulate that allowing recreational sales in Colorado Springs is going to negatively affect the job market, especially as it pertains to the potential labor pool for defense contractors. To those with cognitive reasoning skills this position may seem illogical. Are we really supposed to believe that a Systems Analyst with Lockheed Martin is going to decide to compromise their Security Clearance, and therefore their $200k/yr, job just so they can now smoke cannabis recreationally? If they’re inclined to consume cannabis you can be assured that they are doing so already. It again is illogical to anticipate that legalization of a substance, that is statistically less of a negative impact on Public Health and Safety than the legal and readily available substance alcohol, is going to lead to a boom of people looking to give up their established high paying careers in Defense (funded by US tax dollars paid by tax payers such as ourselves by the way) just so they can smoke a joint.

Once again, we don't see that happening. Have companies like Comcast, Trizetto, United Health Care, and other large conglomerates located in Denver talked about downsizing and/or relocating their staff because of the ease of availability of Cannabis? The law doesn’t force employers to accommodate cannabis use so those that don’t allow it will continue to not allow it and those that work for those companies will continue to not use cannabis as a condition of their employment. There’s not a single thing there that will change. Once again it seems as you never fail to make the most of an opportunity to display a lack of forward thinking vision.

In conclusion, we feel you are being spitefully contrary to the will of the people and voters, while being on the wrong side of history, and frankly common decency. There are those who see someone who promotes "limited government" but supports intrusive government interference when it suits as being a hypocrite, but alas we are hoping for the best case scenario which is merely ignorance.

Meanwhile, to compare our industry to that of adult bookstores is frankly insulting. Not only do we employ thousands of people with fairly decent paying jobs in EPC, we contribute to significantly to the local economy the tax base as we spend at Lowes, Costco, Agricultural Supply Houses, Grainger and hire HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing contractors. We pay our sales tax and fees, but most importantly we help sick people improve their quality of li.

We'll concede that not everyone with a Red Card needs MMJ to get through their day. But there are a whole of your constituents that suffer from cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, hashimoto, opiate addictions (many legally prescribed by MD's for legitimate pains), degenerative bone diseases, PTSD, etc. who do. And they, like we, take offense at being placed in the same category as Adult Bookstores, merely because you seem to think providing an improved quality to those that Western Medical science has failed is a degenerative activity.

To this end we feel it's appropriate to request an apology for these statements. To express your willingness to ignore the vote of the people, while likening us to pornographers and hypocritically turning a blind eye the amount of damage caused to our Armed Forces by liquor serving establishments, shows a disappointing lack of respect for a large portion of the community which you claim to serve. Hopefully this lack of respect is due to merely misunderstanding the facts, which perhaps a review of said facts will correct.

While you ponder the crafting of such an apology, perhaps after much research and consideration, we suggest you stay mindful of who it is you’re supposed to serve. The people asked for a Strong Mayor, not a dictator. Should you continue to play the role of a dictator you best believe that come voting day, you will be disposed of like one.

You can be sure of that.


We The People

“The effect of cannabis on IQ is really confined to adolescent users,” says lead author Madeline Meier, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University. “Our hypothesis is that we see this IQ decline in adolescence because the adolescent brain is still developing and if you introduce cannabis, it might interrupt these critical developmental processes.”

** http://sciencenetlinks(dot)com/science-new…
“Research suggests that teenage binge drinking has an intellectual price. The latest comes from psychiatrist Susan Tapert of the University of California at San Diego. Her team evaluated middle schoolers who hadn't started drinking, and then tracked them for several years. Those who began to drink heavily showed visible damage to their brain's white matter—the tissue that relays information. And that's not all.”

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Posted by Joel Aigner on 07/25/2013 at 8:08 AM

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