Judas Priest 

Sixty seconds with Rob Halford

Indy: So, how are you doing?

RH: I'm still here and you're still there. We've both still got a job, and that's wonderful.

Indy: But for how long? Newspapers are dying everywhere.

RH: I was watching a bit of satire on The Daily Show about the New York Times, and here's my take on that. Every day, I read two newspapers, the local San Diego [Union-]Tribune and USA Today. And yes, I've got the New York Times and others on my iPod. But — maybe it's just my generation — there's just something about reading an actual paper. I think newspapers are much like vinyl and CDs — they'll always be there. That's what's so cool about what we're doing on this tour, with this 30th anniversary of British Steel. People are still interested in reliving that experience, musically, so we're doing all of it, live in concert, and we've never done that before. British Steel was one of those Priest records that just pushed things forward a little more than the rest. It's very special, just in the sound and the structure of the songs and the messages in the songs. And its two primary tracks, "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight," are still staples of rock radio; they've never lost their edge.

Indy: And now you've launched your own label and clothing line, via Metal God Entertainment, right?

RH: Yes. And I think it just shows my determination to stay involved in a world that I really cherish ... I think a lot of what you do in your golden years of life is dictated by your attitude, and I've always been a very optimistic person. And I can still belt out a good tune, like Ethel Merman, and I love it. I love getting onstage, I love being in Priest. And all these wonderful things that I enjoy are still intact. So "retirement" isn't even in my vocabulary!

— Tom Lanham

At Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Aug. 11


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