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Re: “Sheriff's race heats up as Maketa slams challenger Shirk's credentials


No doubt you had just come from one of Colorado Springs now famous medicinal marijuana dispensaries when you wrote that drivel.... "Don't boggart that joint my friend, pass it over to me!"

While Maketa may have thoroughly enjoyed what amounted to nothing more than a glorified ride along, his ability to provide any input concerning operational planning and or tactics was limited to his being smart enough to nod his head in agreement with what he was being told by the professionals and the staying the hell out of their way during the execution of the assault. Maketa has never cleared a house on a burglary call, so any notion that he could even provide a modicum of critical review on something as complex as vehicle assault is laughable.

Since Ms. Habert seems to be so concerned about setting the record straight about her beloved Sheriff, maybe she can enlighten us as to Terry's true contributions that day. Word to the wise Wendy, think carefully before you answer, you just might be setting your boy Terry up for an embarrassing moment if he ever has the internal fortitude to debate his opponent in a setting that involves questions from a panel of law enforcement peers.

Posted by Juno on 05/13/2010 at 4:38 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year


Your comments are proof that speculation provided from a feeble mind is pure folly. Given the fact that Terry Maketa is now facing the political fight of his life, it might be a wise move on his part to put out one of his famous shut your pie hole orders to his supporters concerning their making any derogatory comments about any employees, current of former, he has enough problems to contend with at this time.

Posted by Juno on 04/14/2010 at 9:26 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

"However; the 50,000 dollar thing is really not a lot of money at all especially when you look at the things accomplished by this person."


The level of your naivete is simply amazing and this response to that kind of drivel has been a waste of one minute of my life.

Posted by Juno on 04/13/2010 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Noted: Maketa saves sergeant from demotion


I think we are venturing into semantics here; the Sheriff maintains not only his budget through the good graces of the County Commissioners, he maintains his political well being through their support. If the County Commissioners felt it was in their best political interests to see that an investigation was conducted, you can rest assured one would be launched.

Posted by Juno on 04/13/2010 at 11:28 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year


Wow, I won't be able to sleep at night knowing you've figured me out with your keen observation skills! Instead of trying to play Sherlock Holmes, why don't you answer the questions presented in my posts. While you give me credit for making allegations, I think it is apparent that the $50,000 pay raise to Dorene is fact and the conduct of Ms. Huntz and the other cast of characters protected by Terry are also fact.

Now that we have addressed those nonsensical issues, how about refocusing on the issues at hand; Terry made the bold move to say he'd take a poly, of course with strings attached, if he has nothing to be concerned about, why not take it and prove me and anyone else who has concerns about his conduct to be complete and utter windbags?

Posted by Juno on 04/13/2010 at 9:41 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

I would presume Terry Maketa was a member of the SO command Staff, probably at least a Commander, when the alleged cover up by Sheriff Anderson took place on behalf of his Undersheriff. Now given the fact that some unnamed poster on this forum has the inside skinny on how that whole affair went down, you'd have to bet that Maketa being in the position he was in, had to have knowledge of what happened and did nothing to stop the cover up from taking place. Knowing that Sheriff Anderson was that lacking in "integrity and character", he was more than willing to accept his guiding hand for career advancement and eventually his nomination as Sheriff of El Paso County. So if there is any validity to this accusation, the moral of the story is what?

While we are on the subject of stones being cast at Sheriff Anderson, why don't we set the stage for an easy way to define who has or had "integrity and character" while serving as Sheriff. The primary integrity and character issue which has been bantered about concerning Terry Maketa is not infidelity by itself, but rather infidelity with Sheriff Office staff and how they may have benefited from those alleged relationships. I wonder if Sheriff Anderson would be willing to take up that poly challenge of Terry Maketa's and have only one questioned asked of both of them:

Have you ever had a sexual affair with one of your Sheriff's Office employees?

Posted by Juno on 04/12/2010 at 6:19 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year


Go out of town for a few weeks and look what happens; conspiracy theories abound with Shirk, Anderson and some unknown named Simler being involved in producing hundreds of comments on this board while being locked in some grand Da Vinci Code conspiracy to undermine the virtuous and honorable Terry Maketa! A classic if not transparent attempt to move the focus off of the real issues, unprecedented pay raises and promotions, personnel retained whose conduct in any other law enforcement agency with credible leadership would have been given their walking papers.

Obviously that 44% didn't buy into the conspiracy theories and used sound judgment in supporting Chief Shirk, who was smart enough from day one of his run to mirror the platforms presented by his then opposition Todd Evans and dare I say, even had the fortitude to start a dialog about the very real need to take up a Department of Corrections model for the jail. Before the resumption of the standard operating procedure stirring up fear in jail deputies that they better vote for Terry because their jobs will be in jeopardy starts; how about some common sense being used and noting that nothing has been said about an en masse reduction in current personnel, it simply can come from attrition, which I hear is high within detentions.

The 12 deputies isn't a big deal comment is naive, if not painfully ignorant, given the fact that an area that the Sheriff's Office is responsible for is enormous and even Terry Maketa would be hard pressed to deny how 12 deputies on the streets wouldn't be a huge benefit to the law enforcement mission that is only going to grow more demanding as CSPD scales back on their personnel numbers and missions. Also laughable is the thought that 12 deputies = 12 new patrol vehicles, given the fact there is no one to one ratio, vehicles are shared and number of vehicle needed correlates to the number of deputies on shift and assigned to patrol sectors. Anyone who has ever waited out east for a deputy to respond when an incident is critical, to include a deputy fighting for his or her life, might want to consider the impact of having at least one more deputy in their area to respond to their call for help. Of course Terry Maketa has never been in a life or death situation out east where he needed backup, because from what I hear he hasn't ever been a cop, but forgive me I digress into the claims of others fallen under the spell of the conspiracy to get Terry.

I'll end by giving LUNO, oh what a funny play on words, a C for originality and a D for the effort, you're not even in the same league. I am off now to see if I can get Tom Hanks to come in and figure out the mystery of the El Paso County Code!

Posted by Juno on 04/11/2010 at 5:28 PM

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