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Observing Focus on the Family for the past couple of months has been like being at an action-packed soccer game between Good and Evil.

In April, the Colorado Springs-based nonprofit all but claimed credit for the outcome of the April 1 City Council election -- which seated Lionel Rivera as mayor and a seven- (of eight) member majority of conservatives on Council. Now, Focus is legally prohibited from endorsing political candidates, yet couldn't refrain its glee when their chosen leaders axed same-sex benefits for government employees.

Score: Focus 8, City employees 0

But a short two months later, the ministry's Vice President for Public Policy Tom Minnery crucified Rivera for approving a routine proclamation recognizing gay pride week, terming the action "a deep disappointment to the voters."

"The council acted boldly at its first council meeting, when it reversed the policy of same-sex partner health benefits," Minnery wrote in a June 10 press release. "But their principles melted faster than the snow pack on Pike's [sic] Peak. This is shameful."

In other words, just who does Mayor Rivera think he is?

Score: The Gay Agenda 1, Focus 0

Days later, the ministry announced that "former homosexual" Mike Haley and Bill Maier, the ministry's "Psychologist in Residence," would appear on a local radio talk show to talk about the "dangers" of being gay.

"As an ex-gay man, I am deeply troubled by the City Council's and the mayor's decision," said Haley, who directs Focus' Gender Issues Department. "Every day, thousands of people, including many at-risk youth who wrestle with their sexuality, are being encouraged to 'come out' as a cure for their problems."

Focus' theory is that homosexuality can be "cured," which, of course, has been thoroughly debunked by the American Psychological Association and by thousands of so-called men and women who have shared heartbreaking stories about unsuccessful efforts to become un-gay, many of them ending up realizing that God loves them anyway.

Score: Focus 2, Local talk radio 0

Yet we were floored by Haley's own use of the word "gay," which is positively evolutionary for Gay Agenda conspiracy theorists. Five years ago, a homo was a homo.

Score: The Gay Agenda 1, Focus 0

On June 23, Focus expressed delight over the Supreme Court's 6-3 decision to allow libraries to restrict Internet access.

"The truth is that many libraries had become dens of significant danger to children and adults alike," said Daniel L. Weiss, identified as Focus' media and sexuality policy analyst, in a prepared statement.

Score: Focus 1, Civil liberties 0

Three days later, the United States Supreme Court struck down the Texas sodomy law, resulting in a response of Armageddon-like proportion from Minnery, who warned against feeling good that "a stigma [has been] lifted from a particular group."

"With today's decision, the court continues pillaging its way through the moral norms of our country," Minnery thundered. "If the people have no right to regulate sexuality then ultimately the institution of marriage is in peril, and with it, the welfare of the coming generations of children."

Despite Minnery's suggestion, the Supreme Court decision actually doesn't just apply to a "particular group," meaning gays, but also to heterosexual couples who were also previously outlawed from engaging in sodomy. What does this mean?

Score: Homosexual and heterosexual perversion 2, Focus 0

Over the past month Focus has commended the House of Representatives for banning so-called partial birth abortion, which the ministry predicts is the first step in overturning Roe v. Wade.

Score: Back alley abortionists 1, Women's rights 0

The ministry also harshly condemned the notion of gays getting married and then applauded a proposed Federal Marriage Amendment ("... the only sure way to protect the institution of marriage from being dismantled by gay activists and radical deconstructionist judges.")

Score: Adam and Eve 1, Adam and Steve 0

We have been thoroughly enjoying the entertaining showdown. But one of the ministry's recent tirades suggests things might be spiraling out of control.

On July 2, the ministry formally announced its profound disgust with "the largest family-friendly company in the nation" -- Wal-Mart -- which Focus accused of "surrender[ing] to a small handful of homosexual activists."

According to Focus, Wal-Mart plans to "subject" 1.3 million employees to " 'sensitivity training' on homosexual issues" -- which the ministry actually described as a "profound betrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream" of not singling people out for their differences.

Score: Wal-Mart 1, The future of Western civilization 0

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