Kenneth Cleaver 

March 24, 2003

Representative Dave Schultheis

P.O. Box 49282

Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0282

Dear Representative Schultheis:

I'm hoping you might clarify your political motto, Smaller, More Responsible Government in light of some of your legislative endeavors.

I should mention that I'm inquiring out of a genuine desire for constructive dialogue rather than any sort of nit-picky intellectualism.

As much as I support your efforts to mandate six months of counseling before a couple can be granted a divorce, such an effort seems to smack of big-government liberalism. Where is the distinction between effective use of government, dogmatic allegiance to prevailing ideologies, and your self-professed role as protector of the American family?

The reason I support what's come to be known as the Dr. Laura Bill is because I hope it might serve as a steppingstone to a similar bill for dating. As an unsuccessful bachelor, I believe that if my ex-girlfriends were required by law to attend couples counseling, I'd be married by now -- at least twice.

The demographic of unintentionally single men is one you might consider coddling in your efforts on this bill.

I look forward to your response.


Kenneth Cleaver

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