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Kenneth H. Cleaver

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April 30, 2004

Ms. Sue Skiffington-Blumberg

Director of Communications

City of Colorado Springs

P.O. Box 1575

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Dear Ms. Skiffington-Blumberg:

Couldn't help but notice that the City has updated its logo. It appears you've reduced the size of Pikes Peak and the cityscape to make room for the slogan: We Create Community.

I don't think I need to highlight the irony here, but since this is Colorado Springs I shouldn't assume anything.

In light of the recent City Council decision to deny healthcare benefits to the domestic partners of its employees, I thought I'd concoct a few slogans that might be a little more on the mark.

Colorado Springs:

We Create Polarity

We Create Impunity

Welcome to the Culture War

Archaic values AND bad architecture

Where the Mountains meet the Moralists

I think you'll agree that any one of these is superior to the current blandishment. Please get back to me regarding remuneration.


Kenneth Cleaver

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