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Kenneth H. Cleaver

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February 28, 2003

Ms. Janet Ackerman

Associate Vice President

Division of Finance

Yale University

2 Whitney Avenue

New Haven, CT 06510

Dear Ms. Ackerman:

As one who has traversed this country and spoken with so many of its people, Ive long observed a resentment from those who never attended an Ivy League school. For some, Yale exists on a meritocratic pedestal beyond their means of profundity and fortitude, while others brim with rancor at what they perceive as an unjust socioeconomic system. In either case, the non-Yale-going majority shares two common traits: envy and regret.

Thats why Cleaver Industries is set to launch VirtualYale, where for a mere $300 per semester everyone gets a second chance at excellence. Modeled after Yales core curriculum, VirtualYale is an online correspondence college that features all the rigors of Americas premier institution of higher education without the cost or inconvenience. Our software engineers are even working on online chat rooms to mirror Yales famous secret societies and social clubs.

Our hope is that Yale will see the wisdom of forming a partnership with Cleaver Industries under the assumption that VirtualYale graduates stipulate they attended Yale(v) as opposed to the traditional version. We are also hoping that the University will see the benefit of selling Yale clothing and accessories to a much broader customer base as well as a greater pool of alumnae for fund-raising endeavors.

I do hope Yale will ponder the larger implications of such a partnership. Exploited by politicians and demagogues of every stripe, the resentment toward the institutions of the Northeastern establishment will dissipate faster than the stigma of never having an attended Americas most elite university.

I look forward to working together.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

c.c. Mr. Richard Levin, Ph.D., President.

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