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Kenneth H. Cleaver

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July 21, 2004

Dr. Gary D. Hall, MD, FACS

7001 W. 121st, Suite 101

Overland Park, KS 66209

Dear Dr. Hall:

My girlfriend is seriously considering breast implants. I'm seriously considering therapy, and lots of it.

I don't mean to burden you, but I find the male predicament visa vie enlargements extremely upsetting. Essentially, the whole thing's a set up: If you don't make a sufficient fuss about how great they look, well, you're a thoughtless, cold-hearted bastard. However, if you enjoy them rigorously, well, you're a thoughtless, cold-hearted bastard, possibly even a pervert.

It just seems like a lose lose.

Have you heard this sort of thing before? Would I be out of line to think there's a So, Your Girlfriend's Getting a Boob Job pamphlet that might help me sort through this?

Please advise.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

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