Kenneth Cleaver 

Consumer Correspondent

February 12, 2005

Mr. John Schuerholz

General Manager

Atlanta Braves

P.O. Box 4064

Atlanta, GA 30302-4064

Dear Mr. Schuerholz:

By now you're probably used to fielding charges that your team's name and logo dehumanizes Native Americans. And let's face it, it does.

Oh I know, I could choose to believe that bastardized war cries and scalping tomahawk cheers are your fans' preferred way of honoring Native culture. I could also believe that Pamela Anderson is a novelist, Katie Couric is a journalist and Dick Cheney is a mammal.

Nevertheless, I don't write to complain but to offer a solution. Seeing as how you probably don't want to break with tradition, why not a partial name change? For homegames you can still be The Braves, but when you're on the road you'll transform into The Atlanta Crackers.

If this idea sounds silly or even insulting let me offer a one word defense: Merchandising.

Consider it a means of doing a little restorative PR while furthering the market for Braves/Crackers paraphernalia.

I probably don't need to remind you that cracker refers to white men from Georgia. I understand that many of them are Braves fans. I think they'd be touched if their cultural prominence found its way into your team's new inclusive identity.

Let me know what you think. If you go with it, all I ask in return is an Atlanta Crackers game jersey.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

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