Kenneth Cleaver 

Consumer Correspondent

April 25, 2005

Mr. Don Irvine


Accuracy in Media

4455 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 330

Washington, DC 20008

Dear Mr. Irvine:

I'm sick of reading how great The Daily Show is and how everyone loovvves Jon Stewart like he's the second coming of Pauly Shore.

As far as I'm concerned, it's just more decadent self-congratulatory garbage for liberal elites. However, Stewart's popularity raises an obvious question: Where's the conservative fake news show?

I'd like to see a similar parody full of wickedly irreverent conservative humor, the kind you see all from ... uhhh ... errr all those laugh-out-loud righties like, ummm ... George Will? James Dobson? Cal Thomas?

Oh boy. I think I just answered my own question ...

With the exception of Buckley and O'Rourke, conservatives just aren't funny. And social conservatives seem poised as the opposite of funny, no?



Kenneth Cleaver

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