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April 21, 2005

Mr. William R. Conwell


Town of Atherton

91 Ashfield Road

Atherton, CA 94027

Dear Mr. Conwell:

Advertising Age magazine recently ran a list of the 50 richest ZIP codes, and Atherton was at the top. Congratulations -- you all must be very proud.

A few questions:

Do Athertonians who only make $200,000 a year get along with their fellow citizens who earn the per capita average of $404,000?

Bill Conwell responds: No one carries numbers on their sleeves so any different levels are not obvious & everyone seems to relate.

Is the class tension hard to bear? How do people cope?

Bill Conwell responds: I haven't noticed any of this.

When people drop money on Atherton's sidewalks, is it considered tacky to pick it up? Or is it OK so long as it's more than $100?

Bill Conwell responds: We have almost no sidewalks and, although the published numbers are probably correct, we seem to act just like any other district you might drive through, maybe more trees.

Is driving a Lexus considered ghetto?

Bill Conwell responds: I don't notice any difference in the average car than in other communities an occasional shuttle limo to the airport.

In an ironic way, or just ghetto?

Do people go slumming at Crate & Barrel?

Bill Conwell responds: I see many of my neighbors at COSTCO or other discount stores.

Your answers would be appreciated. I'm considering a visit because I like to know how the other half lives, and I've found your half has better food.


Kenneth Cleaver


Thank you for your interest I've lived in tract housing areas as well as in Atherton and folks seem to relate to each other similarly. We have the same frustrations earning a living, raising the kids, worrying about health, world and national problems as do you; I suppose some of our citizens were born with the "silver spoon' (some have struggled, worked two jobs, exposed our savings to possible upgrades;). I can't say much about the food we have no restaurants in fact no businesses of any kind only residential.

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