Kenneth Cleaver 

Consumer Correspondent

September 28, 2005

UFO Contact Center International

19519 SE 270th Place, Suite 73

Kent, WA 98042

To Whom This May Concern:

In my 30 some years as an abductee, aliens have taken me from my bedroom, my car and the food court of a regional shopping center. I'm sure it's a familiar narrative so I won't revisit it in detail. However, I would like to share an observation with regard to how the Grays have been treating me.

For years, the Grays have experimented on my body with an emphasis on anal probes. I've counseled with four leading researchers who independently agreed that I've been probed more thoroughly than most. At first, this was unspeakably awful, but as I gained insight into what was really happening, it became tolerable. While abduction hardly is pleasant, the probes were different. It's hard to explain, but I'm no longer ashamed to admit it's something I very much enjoy.

In the last few years, however, the Grays have stopped showing the same interest in me. They continue to probe, but without any enthusiasm. It's cold, quick and clinical. They still subtract my essential fluids. They still force me to hold human-alien hybrid babies, but on more than one occasion, they've neglected to probe me at all!

I'm struggling with the question of, Is it them or is it me? Why won't they probe me like they used to? One possibility is that I'm no longer of age, but everyone tells me that I look five years younger than I really am. I'm frequently carded at bars and restaurants. I work out and eat right. I just don't get it.

My hope in writing is that others have made similar reports, and that perhaps we might all get together and learn something. I would appreciate your ideas on why this is happening (or not happening), and how it might be remedied.


Kenneth Cleaver

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