Kenneth Cleaver 

Consumer Correspondent

December 4, 2005

Mr. Dennis Wagner

Executive Director

About Access Research

P.O. Box 38069

Colorado Springs, CO 80937-8069

Dear Mr. Wagner,

Know what I love most about intelligent design? It's totally retro! Sooo 1950s, man! You know, when Americans still had fashion sense, and people with certain political views were forced to conceal them in order to advance them. Everything had a double meaning. It was so cool. I wasn't alive, mind you, but I've read all the movies.

I think you should push ID as hipster retro posturing, because the similarities are striking. Let's face it; we all know that getting ID accepted as science is a ploy by politicized Christians. (What was it Pat Robertson told the citizens of Dover, Pa.? That God was going to Katrina them for voting the fundies off the school board?)

Just like the commies in the 1950s, you folks in the, ahem, scientific wing of the ID movement have to pretend it's secular. An intellectual movement, as some advocates say.

Yeah, well, I've got a movement for ya. It's not intellectual. It's heading south, out of my pants! But seriously, I've got a question. I'm wondering if maybe you're ahead of me on this 1950s thing. Because I couldn't help notice that on the board (and staff) of your organization (and every other ID group known to Google), there's nothing but white guys. While it's certainly presumptuous to assume these white men are also Christians, I'm going to go out on a limb and presume just that. Is this part of the retro '50s thing? Or am I off-base?

Looking forward to your informed response.


Kenneth Cleaver Read the Response.


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