Kenneth Cleaver 

Consumer Correspondent

January 28, 2006

Braun Oral-B Consumer Services

1 Gillette Park

South Boston, MA 02127-1096

Dear Oral B:

I am the proud owner of one of your electric toothbrushes. Until recently, it was running neck and neck with my George Foreman for most favored appliance status, but the latter proved a bitch's bastard to clean, so congrats, you're No. 1!

Oh wait, my iPod! Sorry, you're No. 2. (You just can't compete with something that juxtaposes Willie Nelson and Flavor Flav. Deal with it.)

Anyway, my question: How often do I need to replace my brush head? I realize it's in your interest to have me swapping it out as often as possible, but they run about $9 a pop, so that's not going to happen. Deal with it.

What I'm hoping for is an honest answer, because let's face it: When it comes to disposable technology, everyone pushes the envelope. Find me a man who uses his razor blades as recommended. Ditto that for anyone who actually has their oil changed when Grease Monkey recommends. Hell, my significant other and I have even reused ... Oh. Never mind.

Anyway, sock it to me straight up: How long can I use a brush head? Oh, and please don't send me a form letter written by a PR software program. If you're going to send me a form letter, I'd prefer the kind written by the test monkeys.


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