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Re: “UPDATE; City threatened with free speech lawsuit for Jesus ban

It's an advertisement. Who cares? He paid for the space, he can put whatever he wants. It doesn't mean the transit company agrees or disagrees with the advertisement. If someone wants to pay for that space to say, "Hail Satan", so what. It's just a stupid advertisement on a bench. It doesn't mean you have to do what it says. People in this country just love complaining about the dumbest things. They just have to find a way to waste time and money, start lawsuits, gain media attention, and for what? I guess they want to do away with the first amendment?

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Posted by Kristi Davis on 06/25/2016 at 1:42 AM

Re: “PCMS hearing draws crowd, Lamborn endorsement

I agree, there needs to be a couple more meetings. As important as this meeting was to attend, people struggle to keep a roof over their head. Not everyone could take time off work in order to drive such a long distance to the meeting. I would make a point to attend a meeting, if it were held in Colorado Springs or even Pueblo, preferably on a weekend if possible.

I feel there needs to be more publicity on this issue as well. It is of huge importance to everyone who lives in and near Colorado, but many people aren't aware of the issue yet. There needs to be articles and news headlines stating the true outcome of what will be, if the expansion is granted. Direct and to the point, so people won't be able to unintentionally look past it. Headlines should read, "Army plans to turn 7 million acres of Colorado into a polluted, war-zone-like-wasteland", or, "Colorado will be ruined by the Army without your help". Even a simple, "No more, Colorful Colorado", or "Say goodbye to your beautiful state", would suffice. Something to catch the attention of people who generally glance at headlines, rather than reading most articles. Draw them in with blunt truth. Make them read the article.

People of Colorado should not be reduced to regret, for their lack of knowledge in their ability to have done something to stop this travesty.

The military has already ruined half of Nevada. Why can't they continue to use that same land to conduct their trainings? It's arid, and relatively close in elevation to Colorado. The land is already theirs. Why not train there? Let me guess, that land is tainted and unfit for any life form to inhabit. You won't even find grass there. Seems like there's a similar future to be had in southeast corner of Colorado, given a few years in the military's hands. We're the next, "some-day-to-be-abandoned, wasteland". It's shameful and wrong.

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Posted by Kristi Davis on 11/24/2014 at 12:09 PM

Re: “Stepping up Piñon Canyon use

I do not like the idea of all this. Why must we test here? They already have tested plenty of places to know what the impact will be. I know it's suppose to be about training, but why can't training be done on land elsewhere, previously impacted lands? Half the state of Nevada has been impacted and is obviously no where anyone wants to live. Colorado is beautiful. Our water is better than anywhere in the country. Our air used to be exquisite, though the stupid decision to no longer require emission tests, has made it less so. It's still better than most places though.

Their goal is to conduct realistic training on quality land with a surrounding population. This allows for them to study the direct, long-term impact the soil, water, air, wildlife, and people, all have when such detrimental "events" occur. It's not cool. Become familiar with all the downwinders of our nation. Look it up. Seems something similar may be in our future.

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Posted by Kristi Davis on 11/16/2014 at 3:07 PM

Re: “Lawless America comes to town

I'm not sure about all of Colorado, but El Paso County, has become infamous in its stories of anything-but-just ways. The place where you come on vacation and leave on probation. The place that deals with over-crowded jails by releasing sex offenders. Where District Attorneys pride themselves on their high conviction rates. A county where, if you don't keep and carry paperwork and/or receipts, to prove you have paid fines, done classes, closed cases, you are likely to be arrested for incorrect, outstanding warrants on those cases.

So many people have just accepted the violations and wrong-doings of our system as being, "Just the way it is". It's terrible. Most people are offered a plea and automatically take it, innocent or not, after being advised it's their only option. The Civil Courts are just as corrupt as the Criminal Courts. I look forward to seeing your film. Thank you, for doing your part to help our nations citizens realize the truth. Every effort is appreciated and gives us all, a hopeful outlook.

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Posted by Kristi Davis on 10/29/2012 at 11:17 AM

Re: “Underwhelming oversight

It is so sickening how the system works. Mostly, how protected this Carrier, or any officer in any situation, is. It's wrong. It's wrong that they dismissed a case of excessive force 1st, although not shocking. It's wrong that complaints were made, and despite what is claimed to have been investigated, were never looked into. It's wrong that because his father is high ranked in the Air Force, special notes are added to the warrant to keep it hush, hush. If there is potential of blackmail for government secrets, expose the fact he is wanted for assault right away. You can't blackmail someone for something everyone knows about, plus it would show the kids you're listening to them and care about their welfare, inturn helping prevent future assaults as well. It's wrong that the information he filled out for a background check was incomplete and no one questioned it. It's wrong that District 11 slacked so bad on their standards and policies, (allowing Carrier access to the students) but face only civil suite when criminal is in order. It's wrong that when he was arrested, he was suspended WITH pay, and they segregated him from other inmates. Basically, he got a paid to sit by himself in jail where it's quiet, he'd have privacy and no fear of being targeted for being a police officer and/or a child molester. It's wrong that in the end, the victims will end up paying the price again if they win the lawsuits, because their parents are the tax-payers left responsible for paying what insurance doesn't cover. Eventually, this leads to a worse enviroment in school and lowers the quality of education. There would be very little money left in the district, which cuts teachers, supplies, security, quality lunches, you name it. It's wrong that he bailed out of jail, children are scared to death, and there are no stipulations to his release. (No ankle monitor, no curfew, etc.) He's walking the streets, and these children who are having a hard time opening up about the whole situation already, are supposed to feel comfortable and safe? I doubt they feel anything other than confused & worried, and afraid. It's sad. I hope the system steps up and makes an example of Carrier, for all the kids out there.

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Posted by Kristi Davis on 12/05/2011 at 5:17 AM

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