With first live show, local DJs step toward branding themselves, others underground

click to enlarge Can you trust your Saturday night to these guys? Hells, - yeah!
  • Can you trust your Saturday night to these guys? Hells, yeah!

You might not have heard of bornkrunk.org, but it's big enough to have its own radio station. Kind of like Oprah.

OK, not like Oprah.

The confederation of DJs broadcasts via bornkrunk.org, a Web site started by local guys Brian Schell (DJ Fuse), Kris Fletcher (Gravity Drive) and Dietrich Raber (Sintech).

They actually began bornkrunk.org not as a radio station, but as a sticker campaign. In 2006, working at Sign Shop Ltd on East Platte Avenue, they received sign orders for the "Born Different" campaign the one with the mooing dog, which spawned the un-clever opposition campaign "No Moo Lies."

The three thought it would be funny to make stickers for a fake campaign, "bornkrunk.org." But that quickly morphed into a real outlet for the trio's talents at the turntables.

"I've been looking to DJ more places in Colorado Springs for years," says Schell. "But Colorado Springs doesn't have a scene. People fizzle out on it, or parties get shut down."

"They used to let promoters rent the City Auditorium," adds Raber. "Then there was a big ordeal about the whole rave scene. They think if there's DJs and a certain amount of people, then it's a rave."

That's not the vibe that Schell, Fletcher and Raber are shooting for with their first live show, at The Black Sheep this week. They're actually just trying to provide a place for DJs to get experience and exposure; Fletcher and Raber are among five DJs who will be performing at a club for the first time. They expect eight DJs in all.

For Schell, performances are an added bonus to what's happening on the Web site.

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Bornkrunk.org promotes the spinning and mixing of 14 DJs, 11 of whom are local and three who've signed just since the start of 2008. The trio wants bornkrunk.org to provide an audience for these musicians, as well as a forum for them to grow.

"A lot of these DJs are good," Schell says. "They've just mostly been working in their basements or bedrooms."

"We're just trying to come up," Raber adds. "It seems hard to get a start in Colorado Springs; the crews are so interlocked, they don't want to open up."

Then there's someone like the recently signed DJ Eagle, who's from Iran.

"He can't play for anybody," says Raber.

Raber says bornkrunk.org takes anyone, as long as the newcomer doesn't sound really horrible. But his own music includes house, techno and drum and bass, which he describes as "taking hip-hop and adding a lot more grrr."

"People say drum and bass is really fast, but it's the same tempo as hip-hop," he explains. "It just has a lot more cymbals and deeper bass."

Raber adds that the No. 1 characteristic of drum and bass is that it makes people dance.

He continues that he'd like to see a lot of people dancing at the Black Sheep show.

"People say, "Bornkrunk what's that all about?'" says Schell. "Krunk just means having fun."


bornkrunk.org presents Fuck Yo Couch
The Black Sheep,
2106 E. Platte Ave.
Saturday, Feb. 2, 8 p.m.
Tickets: $10, all ages; visit ticketweb.com or call 866/468-7621.


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