Law enforcement is targeting the homeless 

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I have suspected that the 4th Judicial District and El Paso County and perhaps the El Paso County Jail may have been targeting the homeless, and possibly the mentally ill through the judicial system to get them off the streets and making money from it.
Since they are "merely" homeless and mentally ill people, there would be no "public outcry".
They wouldn't really be missed.
And while incarcerated, El Paso County wouldn't have to pay out food stamps or other public assistance saving themselves money.
And the jail gets federal money.
Quite the scam.
They abuse the DOJ program which is meant to help law enforcement with funding issues.
It's not meant to pay for discrimination against the homeless and mentally ill by taking off the streets, incarcerating them, and making money off of them.
The following information seems to support this idea:
"Renovation Project Coming to El Paso County’s Jail"
Published Jan 19, 2019
Jail Bureau Chief Clif Northam said around half of the jails inmates are homeless or have mental health issues.
click to enlarge Police officers talk to residents in the Quarry homeless camp southeast of downtown. - FAITH MILLER
  • Faith Miller
  • Police officers talk to residents in the Quarry homeless camp southeast of downtown.

Since half of the inmates in El Paso County Jail are either homeless or mentally ill, does that mean that half of the crimes in El Paso County were committed by homeless and mentally ill people?
Or is it because they have to rely on an understaffed, overworked Public Defender's Office, they don't get good quality legal counsel which those who have money can afford?
Is ineffective legal counsel from the Public Defender's Office leading to incarceration of homeless and mentally ill above average compared to the rest of the population breakdown?
This suggests the 4th Judicial District, the Public Defender's Office and El Paso County Jail working together against the homeless and mentally ill.
The ACLU of Colorado brought a lawsuit over the Fight Club at El Paso County Jail but the 4th Judicial District never brought any criminal charges.
Twice El Paso County Jail lost in court in 2018, with $865,000 in damages for civil rights violations with no criminal charges.
The City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County both pass more laws targeting the homeless, making it easier to cite or arrest them.
Given the problems being homeless has in making court dates, they get arrest warrants for Failure To Appear.
Now being considered a "flight risk" they now suffer from excessive bails making money while incarcerated for the El Paso County Jail from DOJ grant money for law enforcement.
Incarceration being used as a "coercive" tool combined with ineffective legal counsel from an understaffed, overworked Public Defender's Office they often "plead out" and in some cases receive more time.
People with ADHD due to focus and memory issues often either miss court or fail probation tasks ending up with Failure To Appear warrants or Failure To Comply warrants.
The 4th Judicial District seems to be targeting those members of our society which are most vulnerable.
They seem to act like a bully and an opportunist towards those people which there would be no "public outcry" towards the injustice being done.
It is quite possible that they never expected anyone to detect what was going on, or to care about what is going on.
Something is definitely wrong.
The 4th Judicial District, the Public Defender's Office, the El Paso County Jail, et al are targeting homeless and mentally ill people to go to jail to get them off the streets.
And collecting Department of Justice grant money to law enforcement to make money off what they have been doing to the homeless and mentally ill.
El Paso County Jail since it minimizes per inmate cost is making a profit from it.
Why not?
Get the homeless and mentally ill out of sight, off the streets, and make money at the same time.
They're doing the public a favor getting rid of public "nuisances" and making money.
Using stereotypes as justification for the actions taken get public support because of the stereotyping and "propaganda" put out resorting to "fear mongering" and a "mob mentality" to continue with public support.
And if you can't put them in jail, make them go into a shelter.
Being the lowest members of society and undesirable no one will care.
Keep enforcing the camping ban even if it's unconstitutional.
Who's going to do anything?
Bigotry at its "best".
Nobody was supposed to figure it all out.
And if they did, who was going to do anything?
The City of Colorado Springs theft and destruction of my property is over $3,000.
Other homeless suffer loses but I don't know how much, but it's without any prior notice.
The total disregard of the rights of the homeless and mentally ill are irrelevant.
Without a legal advocate or outside intervention nothing is changed.
We are either slaves or 2nd class citizens.

—Mark Hagelin


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