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Opinions vary widely about the state of contemporary pop, but even the haters do their part to show that music matters.

click to enlarge Sean Allen

Sean Allen of Boulder is a welder, teacher and masseuse

What's the best band name ever? There was this show that liked to think up fake band names, and someone once suggested Get the Fuck Out of My Pool. Brilliant.

What's the best concert you've been to? It was at the Sonic Bloom festival in 2012. A guy named Tipper who played electronic music had an amazing knack for adjusting his music to the audience. He got everyone really amped.

How does music matter in day-to-day life? It's food for the mind. Most of what you hear on the radio is junk food, though.

Name a band you wish you were in. An obscure Canadian band called Our Lady Peace.

Is there a group that drives you up the wall? Listening to Nickelback makes me angry, pessimistic and irritable.

click to enlarge Tiffany Grell

Tiffany Grell of Thornton is a business owner

What do the words "indie rock" evoke? Being 16 and emo.

What's your best-ever concert? Ween on Halloween. They wore these bunny costumes and it was really, really weird, but perfect for Halloween.

Why does music matter? It creates the energy that sets the stage for my experience every day. My energy suffers, otherwise.

What band would you most like to be in? Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People. Not a day goes by I don't listen to them. It grounds me.

Name a group that annoys the hell out of you. There was a time when I listened to Ace of Base over and over. One day I couldn't stand to listen to that album ever again. I burned it.

click to enlarge Josh Burson

Josh Burson of the west side is a creative dabbler

What do the words "indie rock" bring to mind? It's a label that's supposed to stand for new and independent sound, but which locks music into this drab thing.

Best band name ever? Stereolab. Or maybe Throbbing Gristle.

Name the best concert you've been to. It's a toss-up between Rage Against the Machine and The Roots. Both groups created a state of complete rapture, yet it was meaningful and soulful.

What band would you love being in? Some jazz band in Paris right after World War I with a bunch of cats who didn't care what happened, as long as it was good.

What vocalist or musician would you choose to be? I have a soft spot in my heart for Willie Nelson.


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