Reader: Tackling recycling and homelessness at the same time 


Many tons of recyclables are thrown out at recycling centers all over the country due to the expense of sorting out the garbage that gets mixed in. Meanwhile, thousands are sleeping and begging on the streets.

Is there a way we can create an innovative solution for two of our biggest problems? I think so: paying cash to sort recycling at a recycling center. I know I would feel a lot better about myself if I could give directions to the recycling center to the person with the sign saying, "Will work for food."

It would also give people no excuses to beg for or give cash. It would give the homeless population a much-needed leg up that they have earned, rather than living on handouts. I would rather have my taxes and recycling bills go toward this sort of program than toward tearing down gazebos to prevent loitering. I'm sure if our city leaders gave it a little thought, they could see the benefits of having a few work for a little cash under the table, paid out at the end of the day.

After consistently showing up for work sober for six weeks, they could get a letter of recommendation to secure housing and a better job. Those that don't want to better themselves will have a hard time living in Colorado Springs because our citizens would give out directions to work rather than a quarter. To top it all off, we would be doing our job as stewards of the Earth by reducing what we throw out.

— Alexandra Loverin

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