Readers respond to threats of damnation

To the Editor:

Surely your staff must be into something very wicked to merit so many threats from the super-holy fundamentalists ("God's Instrument?", Aug. 19).

Are you sure you are not indulging in Pokemon? Or playing with purple Teletubbies?

-- Eugenia Birkhead
Colorado Springs

To the Editor:

I just finished your article on "God's Instrument?" You left out the part in the questions to Ed Bircham. You ask if he has any black friends. No. You ask if he has any homosexual friends. No again.

You should have asked if he has any friends. Probably, no again.

-- Bill Ensminger
Colorado Springs

To the Editor:

As an advertiser in the Independent, I wanted to send a note to you that I have not been contacted by anyone making threats about my "eternal damnation" for advertising in your great publication. I challenge those cowards to call me for a piece of my mind, as well as my guarantee that I will turn their call over to the proper authorities.

You can count on my company's continued support of the Independent.

-- Shauna Naous, owner
Peakview Mortgage

To the Editor:

Your recent letter to the readers ("An Open Letter to Our Readers," Aug. 16) regarding the phoning of those opposed to your publication's advertisers raised my ire enough to write the first letter of my long life to a newspaper.

First off, keep up the excellent work in providing this unfortunately ever-growing city with alternative and lively reporting. It is most essential for you to be a viable part of this city's life. As for me, I will devote an extra effort to patronize your advertisers, and I urge all readers to do likewise.

As far as the 70-odd so-called religious factories in this area are concerned, if they would follow God's teaching of love not hate, they'd be far better off. We are all his creatures, each having individual tendencies and characteristics at birth, and understanding those various differences would provide not only a betterment of each other, but the world.

Dr. Dobson and his teachings are particularly upsetting. In my Protestant English church, we start each and every service thusly:

"Hear what our Lord Jesus Christ saith: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all they soul, and with all thy might. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophecies." Lastly, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners."

No interpretation here, just straightforward. To save sinners, and since we all are, we all are saved. Follow His teaching, Dr. B and all those who hate others, for a different slant.

-- Ron
Colorado Springs

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the open letter published on page 3 of this week's Indy. The contents of this letter infuriate me. The idea that some close-minded moron would harass your sponsors is just ridiculous!

I totally agree with your position on free speech and equal opportunities for those who may differ from me. If we all thought, looked, acted and felt the same, this would be a horrible world to live in. Please keep printing your wonderful articles and features.

Thursdays are the highpoint of my week -- the prospect of a new Indy just brightens everything. In the meantime, if you do lose any sponsors because of this ordeal, I would love to know who, so that I can discontinue doing business with these easily bullied individuals. And I would be pleased to pass on the list.

-- Catherine Clyde
Colorado Springs

Wrong night, Peter

To the Editor:

Peter Jacoby's article "Room Full of Zombies" (Aug. 26, Bars and Clubs Issue) is one of the most aggravating, unresearched articles I have come across lately. He went to evaluate Sin City -- a move which I must commend, because it is apparently quite difficult to get shows at that club noticed -- on a Wednesday night. A little research into the club might have revealed that Sin City is mainly a live-music venue. The DJ nights are NOT the biggest draw, and to render an opinion on the club based solely on that night is unfair. Even so, the music is supposed to be loud at a club.

And the fact that there wasn't porno playing on the big screen should have made it real clear that you were there on the wrong night. Sin City has been one of the largest advocates for live music for the past year or so. Many bands, including Clown, Filth Industry and the A-Holes, to name a few, owe their success to Sherry and Tracy at Sin City. Except for the Punk House, which doesn't serve alcohol, Sin City is the only place in Colorado Springs to go see live metal, punk and goth bands on the weekend. The Underground, as cool of a venue as it is, doesn't host bands on the weekends.

And unless there is a national act at the Music Hall, your only other choice for rock on Saturday nights is The Gardens. I won't even go into how great of a place that is to play ...

Go back on a Saturday night, Peter. Experience what the club is all about on the night that actually showcases what it is they do best! Then tell me that there were only five people on the dance floor. More than likely, that number will reflect the amount of people still standing by the end of the night! Or you could go on a Friday Fetish night, but your community-center buddies might not approve.

-- Denny Farrell
Filth Industry

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

To the Editor:

Sighs and places back of hand to forehead ...

The two reviews of the "goth" nights at Sin City and the Underground gave me such GOTHIC angst that I had to write in response.

Seriously, here are a few facts that you may not realize, as much as your reviewers ridiculed the attendees of said goth nights:

1) Colorado Springs has more Gothic/ industrial-themed club nights than Denver and Boulder put together. They may not always be totally action-packed, but why would anyone expect abundant energy from goths? Our club nights are 18-and-up at Sin City (Friday Fetish and Wednesday Darkwave) and all ages at the Underground. They are also the cheapest, ranging from free to $3. Go to Denver, and be prepared to be 21 or older and to pay as much as $10.

2) Goths as morbid-vampires-with-bad-attitudes is plainly a stereotype, just as much as it is stereotyped to say that all khaki-wearing preppies are drunken asses. If you go to a gothic night expecting to see a lot of Vlad/Tom Cruise/vampire types you're going to have a derisive attitude about the whole thing -- goths can smell fear from across the dance floor. In reality, many goths are shy -- especially those under 21. Treat others fairly, assume nothing.

3) An unwritten rule of clubbing, and especially the gothic scene, is to dress up freaky, dress to impress, but mostly to have fun. Wear what is comfortable, but come on! Khakis? Are we to have ANY respect for Matt at all? Dress appropriately, or dress to seek attention. But be prepared to handle how others will perceive you. Can I wear black vinyl to America's Beach Club without stares? I think not.

Next time, look past the baby-bat goths, the crusty gother-than-thous, and you'll see the real people of the scene. We actually smile and have fun. Except when people wear khakis. Then, we cry.

-- Amy Pacheco
Over the Internet


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