Worse than doing nothing

To the Editor:

Why is it that when the Legislature had a chance to do something about sprawl, they did nothing? The House just dropped Senator Perlmutter's comprehensive planning bill, which, although not perfect, would have been a drastic improvement compared to doing nothing. Instead they passed the developers' wish list, HB 1225.

There's still some time left in the legislative session and I hope our elected officials will be able to deliver strong anti-sprawl legislation. By far, the worst thing we could do is pass HB 1225 -- it would be worse than doing nothing.

-- Talia Kauk
Colorado Springs

Seeking a cure

To the Editor:

On behalf of The Southern Chapter of Colorado-CURE, I would like to thank you for publishing the interview that Cara DeGette did on Joel Dyer ("Follow the Money," April 5). Reforming the prison and criminal justice system is not a popular topic. Ms. DeGette did an excellent job in writing her story. It was informative and highly "readable." Once again, the Independent showed its progressive and courageous stance by writing this article.

Thanks also for the "capsule" insertion telling of the date, time and place of Mr. Dyer's speech, which was sponsored by CURE. A lot of credit must go to the Indy for what we believe was a great turnout. We had 80 to 90 people in attendance! Many people mentioned to our greeters that they had read the article in your paper. We are very fortunate to have a newspaper in Colorado Springs that is not afraid to publish articles such as this!

We must stop the race to incarcerate and build more prisons, and with articles such as the one on Joel Dyer, we can better educate the public and encourage their participation in making changes so badly needed.

--Elena Bost
Southern Chapter of Colorado-CURE
Colorado Springs

Big brother's being watched

To the Editor:

This example of police brutality ("Cops Thrash Men After Hot Tub Party Get Noisy," March 1) disgusts me. John is one of my older brothers and I am outraged about this. John may have had some drinks, he may have had some friends over, he may have even had a little bit of fun but, since I checked last, that is not against the damn law. What is against the law is what the police officers did to him. I hope they get what they deserve and I hope John breaks the bank on them. Please print this in your paper so that everybody in the area knows that John is not a bad person and did not deserve this. He deserved a little bit of humanity.

-- Michael Bryan Winther
Greensboro, NC

Talking trash

To the Editor:

The trash along I-25 has been especially overwhelming the last few weeks. Volunteers from Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful and maintenance staff of Colorado Department of Transportation have spent the last four weeks cleaning it up. Thirty-five volunteers spent Saturday March 31 on a huge one-day effort. Since the first of the year on I-25 alone: 123 volunteers spent over 550 hours and picked up over 1200 bags of trash. If you drive I-25 watch to see how long it takes for the trash to become visible again.

Within three days of finishing a cleanup we are having to put volunteers back out to clean up again. Where is all of the trash coming from? Some C-DOT employees believe that trash haulers are either not covering their loads or not securing the sides of the nets that they are using and trash is blowing out onto the highway as they drive.

The government (city, county and in negotiations with state) is now contracting KCSB to do with volunteers and community correction workers what city workers used to do. Taxpayers have said that they do not want their tax dollars spent on things like cleanup. They want roads fixed or built instead. Yet calls still come into the city complaining of trash.

Please help Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful by:

Disposing of trash properly!

Pick up trash every opportunity you get.

Report littering violations to the Colorado Springs Police Department or the Colorado Highway Patrol.

Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful would prefer to have our volunteers out planting trees. You can make a difference!

-- Peter C. Frech
Executive Director
Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful
Colorado Springs

Sound off

To the Editor:

Colorado Springs is constantly pounded with what is typically called "loud stereo noise." Calling it that has added to the problem because it suggests that the solution is in trying to control how loudly stereos are played. That's like trying to ensure that drivers never exceed the speed limit. It can't be done.

The word "stereos" is too generic; besides, Americans have enjoyed stereos for decades before the onset of the current problem. More precisely, subwoofers cause the booming effect. These devices explode the bass frequencies of a sound track, projecting shock waves that are felt a block away even when turned down low. It's what makes them unique. Though the pounding can originate from dwellings, neighbors can be confronted and the noise stopped. But residents cannot hope to read the license plate and identify the driver of a passing vehicle in order to register a complaint.

Expecting patrolmen to do it is also a losing proposition. They have more pressing things to do than get entangled in judgement calls about stereo levels.

The only workable solution is to correctly identify and remove subwoofers altogether. Americans got rid of the supersonic boom because it was annoying. Subwoofers can also be stopped. The tiny ear needs only a small space to enjoy its music, so freedom isn't the issue. Excessive atmospheric pressure disturbance is the issue. Pollution is the correct name for it. Whether a vehicle emits poisonous gas, loud exhaust, or the subsonic pounding of an electronic kick-drum, the town doesn't need it. Colorado Springs has a choice: Get rid of subwoofers or get used to the pounding.

--Jim Inman
Colorado Springs

Drip, drip, drip

To the Editor:

I have written letters to the editor before concerning the left turn signal at Colorado Avenue and Cascade. There isn't one. You can lose a weekend trying to turn left there. They talk about traffic flow; that corner doesn't even drip. Please, Traffic Control, do put a left turn signal there before you have a bunch of frustrated stiffs sitting in their cars waiting to turn left.

-- Sue Mosher
Colorado Springs

Back off attacks

To the Editor:

As a resident of District 3, I voted for Sallie Clark. It's not that I thought she was all that terrific (they're all Republicans, anyway!), but she seemed to run a clean, issue-oriented campaign. The same cannot be said for Linda Barley. As a voter, I am turned off by "attack" politics. Ms. Barley sent out an offensive attack mailing, which, among other claims, said (horrors!!) that Ms. Clark approves of big unions! What could be worse? Instead of attacking, Ms. Barley would have been better served by telling us what she has accomplished and what she proposes. Instead, she attacked and took credit for programs that she may have voted for, but in no way was "responsible" for. We the voters aren't as dumb as you think, Ms. Barley.

-- Jonathan L. Walker
Colorado Springs

Time to sue "Big Sex"

To the Editor:

So when is the government going to sue "Big Sex"? We all know tobacco's in big trouble. Caffeine and fast cars are on deck. But when are Heff and Flynt going to get their's?

AIDS is destroying peoples' lives. The research alone is costing billions, not the mention the cost for health care for the infected. The government pushes safe sex in our children's faces, but let's not kid ourselves. The tobacco companies sell cigarettes with filters on them, so they are, in effect, promoting safe smoking. But they aren't getting any awards, are they?

Death from MTV's brand of sex is inevitable. Whether straight or gay, unmarried sex is plain ol' unhealthy and everyone knows it. I really don't think you are all too naive to think otherwise. Profits drive every industry, sex is an industry and children are dying. So let's sue 'em. Better yet, boycott them 'til they run dry, encourage your children to get married at 18 so the sex is clean and fun. After all, it's legal. If everybody does that, AIDS, my friends, is history. I dare you to argue with that.

-- Andrew N. Clifford
Colorado Springs


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