click to enlarge Travel south on Nevada, and you'll see this billboard just before you hit Austin Bluffs. - SHERRI VANENGELEN
  • Sherri VanEngelen
  • Travel south on Nevada, and you'll see this billboard just before you hit Austin Bluffs.

Steamy dreaming

To the Editor:

I found your issue of last week on the hot springs in Colorado one of the most helpful and detailed guides. I am a student here at Colorado College, a senior as well, and I have a deep desire to explore them before I depart this place and the wonderful newspaper you provide us with.

-- Youri Litvine

Colorado Springs

Just more fish wrap

To the Editor:

Needing a healthy dose of leftist propaganda, I logged onto your Web page [

www.csindy.com] to read the latest tripe published in The Colorado Springs Independent. Lo and behold, I was treated to a humongous bowl of it in Michelle Chihara's article titled "The Silence on Terrorism" [Jan. 24-30].

What a joke! Am I supposed to be scared of the fact that people are no longer willing to be led down the primrose path of liberal thoughts? Her examples were silly and contrived and did nothing to explain why she is harping on this subject. Harping being the key word here. Too bad she is all alone in her own scared little world. Most rational and thinking people are tired of the left's strident hysteria and their "let's love our enemies through their problems" BS. Next we'll have a huge expos about how the terrorists being held on our base in Cuba are really peace-loving people who are being unfairly prosecuted by the Evil United States.

The funny thing is the more The Colorado Springs Independent tries to write major thought-provoking articles that claim to be newsworthy, the more irrelevant they become. Only when balanced news is presented can you claim to be "independent." As far as I can see, you are still just more fish wrap. One can only hope that your advertisers wake up, stop wasting their money and pull the plug on this continuous stream of garbage.

-- Lynn Feldmann

Monument, Colorado

The goose-stepping media

To the Editor:

Having moved to Colorado less than a year ago, I find the Independent a breath of fresh air. I congratulate you on the article by Michelle Chihara, which is quite an eye-opener. I am flabbergasted as to how any Democrat could join any organization founded by the likes of Lynne Cheney.

In defending the ACTA report, Ms. Neal claims that the mainstream public reaction was fairly uniform (presumably uniformly noncritical), while the academic community was divided. What else does she expect from the folks who subject themselves to the constant brainwash that passes for the evening news and who think they are going underground when they switch from CBS to CNN or FOX? It is indeed quite a sight to watch Mr. Rather -- who I am sure was considered to be part of "the liberal elite which controls our media" for, among other things, being critical of the older Bush -- turning into the cheerleader of the younger. This kind of party-line reporting and its associated problems are unique for true democracies, and duplications can only be found in totalitarian states such as the former Soviet Union or Hitler's Third Reich, where it was called "Gleichschaltung."

-- Peter Brebach

Manitou Springs

It's only verbal abuse

To the Editor:

I'm wondering if Michelle Chihara's depiction of the war on self-expression wasn't weakly reasoned in two paradoxical ways.

First of all, the vast majority of university professors are too underpaid and overworked to be the sort of threat imagined by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Judy Genshaft, the University of South Florida's president. Newt Gingrich arranged those conditions of underpayment and overwork early in the 1990s when he swore he'd "defund the left." Most university faculty collapse with sore feet when they get home, which probably explains why it hurts to stand up to defend their colleagues and beautiful people like Danny Glover.

Secondly, I'm wondering if calling a public thinker "un-American" or a threat to "national security" betrays the general American uncertainty as to what constitutes an education. Whenever I teach English composition and argumentation -- and I love doing so -- I use one of several widely available textbooks such as Elements of Argument. One chapter is devoted to analyzing essays and public speaking for common "logical fallacies," among them: hasty generalization, false analogy, character attack and failure to consider the opposing view. I ask the class to apply these criteria to anthologized essays and speeches such as "Divorce and Our National Values" and an essay by Adolf Hitler, who sought the "final solution" for dissent. I also ask students to discuss concepts such as joy, peace and charity. Students engage these concepts with confidence, knowing they can use them in conversation while assured they don't have to beat down their opposition and win at any cost. I wonder if the fearful people Chihara mentions, who attack freedom of thought and speech, are not betraying an inferiority complex so insidious it's as though they can't handle introspection. Iran and China murdered and executed their public intellectuals; here in the U.S. we only verbally abuse them. Apparently, walking out and the silent treatment have been added to a democratic nation's methods of manipulation.

You tell me which brand of blindness is less painful; at least with the latter methods, one can live on and debate with integrity. I promise to look around and find more people to talk to.

-- Tamara M. Teale, Ph.D.

Colorado Springs

The great Satan

To the Editor:

Sept. 11, 2001 will be etched in our memories forever. For many, it reminded them of Dec. 7 and Pearl Harbor. For others, it was such a horrendous act that nothing could be compared to it. For me, it brought back memories of Jan. 22, 1973. On that day, our Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand that has brought untold tragedy to women and their pre-born babies. What hurts so much about 9-11 is the innocence of the victims involved. They did nothing to warrant such an attack. What hurts so much about 1-22 is the innocence of the babies killed. They did nothing to warrant such an attack.

We all asked, why? On 9-11, the answer appears to be that we are not as enlightened as the people who perpetrated this. We are considered the great Satan and they act like they did us a favor by destroying our symbols of success and security. We all asked, why? On 1-22, the answer appears to be that we are not as enlightened as the people who perpetrated abortion. Our babies are considered the great Satan and they act like they did us a favor by destroying our symbols of hope and life.

The families of the victims of 9-11 are truly the walking wounded. They will never be the same. They will dream about their loved one. They will remember their loved one when they least expect and will cry in an instant. The families of the victims of 1-22 are truly the walking wounded. They will never be the same. They will dream about their baby. They will remember their baby when they least expect and will cry in an instant.

The difference between 9-11 and 1-22 is our response to the unjust killing. From 9-11 we are doing everything possible to protect innocent persons. From 1-22, we are doing nothing to protect innocent children.

About 3,000 innocent persons died on 9-11. This was a horrendous act. We all grieve the loss of life on that day. Also on 9-11, over 4,000 babies died by abortion. I hope you will join me in grieving their loss as well.

-- Father Bill Carmody

Respect Life Director

Diocese of Colorado Springs

Nearly swerved off the road

To the Editor:

I think it necessary to call attention to a few very disturbing billboards that went up recently in the Springs. I spotted one (I've heard there are two more) traveling south on Nevada just before the intersection with Austin Bluffs and nearly swerved off the road in my astonishment. The board, funded by Colorado Springs Right to Life, features a picture of the twin towers and figures of the casualties in New York, Pennsylvania and D.C. on September 11.

Below, in red, is an average number (in the three thousands) of supposed abortions in the United States each day. I moved to the Springs in May of last year and have since seen and heard the religious right, ultra-conservative of this town do some appalling and hateful things. But even I would have put it past them to use the most horrible tragedy ever to occur on American soil to further their political agenda.

Congratulations, Colorado Springs Right to Life! You have reached a new low!

-- Kimberly Holcomb

Colorado Springs


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