Attack ad

It's amazing how quickly a politician can break a promise.

Not even a full day after I heard Jim Null specifically promise he would not engage in dirty campaigning at the mayoral forum held in the City Auditorium, he runs a campaign ad clearly designed to make insulting personal attacks on his competitors.

On Page 33 of the next day's Independent, he spends money on a full page to criticize Dr. Ted Eastburn's "rumpled" clothes, accuse Sallie Clark of wanting to "rule the world," and disparage Lionel Rivera for being a "fat cat," among other personal (and mostly blatantly false) insults. Perhaps his campaign staff thinks it's clever, but what it really constitutes is an insult to the intelligence of the voters.

Ironically, it was the Independent's own Cara DeGette who asked each of the candidates to make this pledge so quickly broken by Mr. Null. He said he would sign such a pledge; I wonder if he ever did?

If that's how Mr. Null chooses to "keep" his word, we citizens of Colorado Springs will be in for a real bumpy time should he be elected to the mayorship.

But the real bottom line of Mr. Null's candidacy is in the bottom line of attack ad -- he seeks contributions of $19.95 from many donors. Why?

Well, he tells us -- it's so the donor can remain anonymous. What a clever way for a political candidate to conceal just who is funding his/her campaign. Nevermind openness and honesty in campaigning and government. Just follow what is sadly too often practiced in our city government -- cover-up, cover-up, cover-up.

-- Tim Pleasant

Colorado Springs

Back to school

Just for the record, and contrary to the ad run by mayoral candidate Jim Null, Focus on the Family is not underwriting the campaign of Mr. Null's opponent, Lionel Rivera, nor anyone else. Perhaps Mr. Null should find a good political science class and enroll in it. Then he would learn how campaigns are financed.

-- Tom Minnery

Vice President, Public Policy

Focus on the Family

Dry and sorta dark

All this fuss over a campaign ad? Sheesh, folks, admit it: Jim Null can be funny. Dry and sorta dark funny sometimes, but funny nonetheless. The fact that some of the observations are on target is just a bonus.

Lighten up folks. It's just a campaign piece for the mayoralty of a middling-sized city. It's not like we're talking about going to war here.

-- Mark Cunningham

West Colorado Springs

The lunatic left

I've had the unpleasant experience of being subjected to your ultra-left, radial left-wing, follow-the-crowd-type political "philosophy" for some time now. Every time a co-worker or someone gives me a copy of the Independent for me to read I will usually browse through the pages to see what drivel is being espoused in that particular issue. I'm never disappointed.

There are usually opinions from the radical left-wing and even the radical left-wing religious community, the homosexual community, the socialists, the abortionists, etc. All the typical groups that think alike and advocate the exact same lunatic fringe causes that seem to be part of the group-think of the left.

Anyway, that being said, I wanted to say that I admire Megan Burns (Public Eye, March 6) for going against the crowd. Just think of it! Here is a young lady that dares have a conservative point of view. Oh no! Even a pro-life view on a college campus. It is really hard to believe. She could have been like the typical brainwashed "student" you find on our institutions of "lower" learning, but she had the courage of her convictions to go against the herd and stand up against the majority. I'm surprised that she wasn't expelled for expressing her opinion.

Too bad more students aren't like Megan. Can you believe it! She actually wanted to have a bible study. The nerve of it! I guess you would have approved if she wanted to have an abortion study or a study to defend the "rights" of the sexually depraved, or maybe a study to discuss the political philosophy of some of the dictators around the world.

Megan, keep up the fight against the group-think that has taken over our universities. By the way, I hope your bible study is well attended. It would be nice if at least some of the students could learn something of value while attending UCCS.

-- Don Fahrenkrug

Colorado Springs

Act of rebellion

I'm responding to your article in retaliation to the speech made by Rep. Dave Schultheis at the CU campus in Colorado Springs. I'm sure you've already made the correlation based upon my last name, and yes, I'm Megan's brother.

Your article clearly demonstrates your contempt and lack of patience for someone who dares to say that there are moral absolutes. How dare he challenge the students to think about their actions and the consequences of those actions when they listen to the media's propaganda! He was not condemning the "homosexuals," the "sinful," the "immoral," but merely stating the negative ramifications on our society and the individuals who participate in such activities.

Why can posters and flyers be hung throughout the school advocating pre-marital sex and alcoholic orgies? This is an offense! Probably to more than not, but few are willing to stand up against it. Why should we be silent to this propaganda? Is this not an invasion? Yet, there seems to be an unspoken amendment to the Constitution where not everyone has the right to freedom of speech.

Furthermore, when you ridicule and condemn words spoken in the name of Christ and biblical absolutes, you are not condemning the speaker, but yourself. You have heard the word of God, but you turn from it and write it off as foolishness. This is a direct act of rebellion against God and his decrees. I don't expect you to understand this, but please consider it.

Finally, Rep. Schultheis did not speak from a position of arrogance or contempt, but compassion for those who are caught up in the world's lies. The media tells people that self-gratification is freedom, but it is really bondage and enslavement. You will not find peace or joy in what the world has to offer.

-- Ryan Burns

Via the Internet

Cause for alarm

In introducing us to Rep. Schultheis (Public Eye, March 6), I don't understand why anyone wouldn't be alarmed at decapitated rabbits on your doorstep. Not sure how this particular statement would help your angle on the story.

While you rely on "firsthand" reports in your article, the only name I see you mentioning is Megan Burns and Joe Carl, who admits to not paying attention to the speaker. Too bad you didn't contact the speaker himself to find out what was said so you can give us an accurate quote or give us the names of the poor students who were so bored by Schultheis.

-- Carol Larson

Via the Internet

He isn't worthy

If Peter Dunn thinks that Colorado Springs is, in his words, "architecturally one of the ugliest cities on earth," and its parks and landscapes "have almost nothing left of their once natural beauty," then maybe he doesn't deserve to live here (Your Turn, March 6). He obviously doesn't appreciate the natural beauty that I witness every day by just walking out my front door.

I also have traveled the world, and I am always more than happy to be back in my own fair city with tons of outdoor opportunities and lovely vistas. No city is perfect, and he may feel that it is his job to point out every flaw in our growing metropolis, but maybe, just maybe, he would be more content in L.A or Philadelphia where he won't be burdened with a view of Pikes Peak or Garden of the Gods.

And I'm certain that their streetlights are all timed perfectly and their police forces beyond reproach. I'd be happy to help him pack.

-- Jill Gaebler

Colorado Springs

Chew on this

I am an educated Canadian who has been living in Colorado Springs for only three weeks, and I love it here. Mr. Dunn, how can you write such nonsense about the Springs? You are appalled by the "fad-chasers" because they don't look like you -- square.

Listen, I have also traveled the world, and I can assure you that this city rocks. It has a great combination of old West and Mexican architecture, with an amazing view of a huge mountain range. There are also some beautiful homes nestled away in the hills. What more do you want?!

A few other things, buddy: Who cares if some houses don't have basements? That is not your concern. (How do you know this silly fact?) I agree, the traffic lights here are a few seconds longer than in other cities, but if it really bothers you, why are you here? Perhaps you have never been stuck in gridlock in L.A. or any other major U.S. city.

Where did you learn your terrible art-appreciation manners? Another thing, you have no clue about music. All the big symphonic orchestrations had to start someplace, including symphonies in big cities. If you would rather listen to a crappy little AM radio, be my guest. I'm sure the Colorado Springs Symphony Orchestra will keep on playing great music.

I know that I am a Canadian and you might think that I have no business criticizing an American such as Peter, but I can assure that I am speaking on behalf of most people here who realize that they live in a great country with many opportunities for freedom and life.

Perhaps you should go snowboarding and release some tension.

-- Evan Wappel

Colorado Springs

Much-needed message

I loved Kathryn Eastburn's "Be Quiet and Listen" [Domestic Bliss, Feb 27]. It was beautifully written as well as a much-needed message. I hope many were listening.

-- Yvonne Curtis

Via the Internet

Got her thinking

Last week's Domestic Bliss, "Last Supper," was great! My mom is 83, still in good health and living independently in Ohio, but this article prompted me to think about the favorite haunts and possibly the last days. Glad you had this time with Dad at Sylvan Park Diner. Thank you for sharing it with us!

-- Lynette Reagan

Colorado Springs


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