Walking the path

Last week's cover story, "A brush with Destiny," wrung my heart.

I am the grandmother of little David, who is the spitting image of my daughter and her grandfather. Because my daughter's drug addiction brought severe harm to David, child protective services put him in foster care. Shortly afterward my daughter entered rehab. Her court-appointed attorney kept David from being removed from her until she was far enough advanced in her recovery to know that it would be years before she could give him the attention that he required, and she gave him up for adoption.

Only those who've walked this path can know the daily pain that this loving step causes us. Like the Boyds, my daughter's two other sons were in the care of a family member so their needs were met while she was using and in the first fragile stages of recovery. It adds to the Boyd's sorrow that they were taken advantage of, but they apparently have assurance that little Destiny, now named Abigail, is in a good home.

However the shady circumstances of this illegal taking of their child may not ensure that her adoptive parents understand the effects of her mother's drug use may have on Destiny/Abigail's development. My grandson has ADD and is bipolar, both common in children with addictive mothers.

My David's new mom is a medical doctor with other adopted children from addicted mothers, so she knew what she was getting into and how to cope medically and emotionally with those problems. That is one of the injustices that a crooked lawyer brought to both families.

-- Barbara Vickroy

Escondido, Calif.

Not laughing

I just read "Raising the price on purebreds" by Rich Tosches. Twice.

At first, I thought the article must be a joke. Really? A nonprofit animal shelter engaging in "variable pricing"? Two separate animal welfare organizations operating and competing out of the same building? "Surrendered" pets being turned away (thus explaining the recent increase in animals abandoned and locked in apartments)? Pets being euthanized at unprecedented rates? Executive salaries in the $80K range?

Maybe it is a joke! I looked at my adopted-at-a-local-shelter kitty. She wasn't laughing, and neither am I.

Shame on the Pikes Peak Humane Society. To capitalize on the connection between an animal in need and a human who is willing to give is base, disgusting and appalling.

Thanks for the article. As always, keep up the good work!

-- Kristy Milligan

Colorado Springs

Stealing isn't a joke

I am a resident of House Precinct 16 where one of the candidates was caught on camera at a Republican fund-raiser demonstrating the cleverest way to steal an opponent's political signs. The Indy published some of the camera shots in the Sept. 30 issue. This candidate laughed it off as a "joke."

But stealing isn't a joke; it's a crime. As a senior in my late 80s, I am old-fashioned enough to be squeamish about a man running for public office who teaches slick ways to steal the property of another person. Yet there was no word of reproach from his party, and not so much as a "tsk, tsk" from those intensely political "Christians" who have become self-appointed guardians of morality in our community.

After so often railing against sinfulness in the populace (while citing their own piety and "values"), have they no stance against stealing if done by the "right" people?

Yes, I know lies, dirt and hypocrisy have long been a part of politics, but in the current Bush era, despite his religiosity, they seem to have reached uncommon heights. Or depths.

-- Eugenia Birkhead

Colorado Springs

Sad commentary

I have been part of a team of four Democrats in our precinct 197 who in the past two weeks has contacted fellow Democrats and unaffiliated voters in our precinct regarding the upcoming elections. We distributed yard signs to those who wanted to post them.

Of the 16 sets of Kerry/Edwards and Ken Salazar signs that we distributed, I know of at least six Kerry/Edwards and one Ken Salazar sign that have disappeared from Panorama Drive, Crown Ridge Drive and Pioneer Lane.

Regardless of the fact that it is illegal to steal something from another's property, it is a sad commentary on the insecurity of those apparently threatened to see other views expressed in our neighborhood.

-- Georgia Thompson

Colorado Springs

Dastardly and disingenuous

Thank you, once again, for the excellent election coverage [Cover package, Oct 7-13]. From the issues to the candidates, the Indy always produces thoughtful commentary to help me choose wisely when I vote. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, too, to the Colorado Republican Committee for their dastardly little mail campaign to discredit Mike Merrifield. I'd be insulted they thought voters were so stupid if I weren't laughing so hard. One postcard shows Merrifield behind bars and copy worthy of the tabloids.

I wish the hateful people behind such propaganda would learn it does nothing to diminish Mr. Merrifield, who has been a conscientious representative for House District 18. It only reveals the Republicans as the desperately worried, disingenuous puppeteers they are.

Let's get out there Nov. 2 and demonstrate (with a vote for Merrifield) that negative advertising doesn't work!

-- B. Miller

Manitou Springs

Whom would Jesus bomb?

Re: Bush World Arena rally

What's it like for me, a Christian and a Democrat, out on the streets when 10, 000 (according to TV reports) Bush fans leave the World Arena?

I held two signs together. The top one saying "Veterans for Peace" (of which I am a member) and the bottom one, "Whom would Jesus Bomb?" I served my country before I became a Christian pacifist so these signs summed up what I had to say.

Fairly enough, I got to hear what some of the Bush people yelled at me as they left by car or on foot. The religious sign drew the most interesting responses. To the question, "Whom would Jesus bomb?" the answer was "People like you." What I heard most was "communist" or "coward."

Turns out I received an Honorable Discharge and four medals during the Cold War against communism in Europe.

Finally a scowling, well-dressed man walked by and to my Jesus sign retorted, "Study the Centurion." I said I have done that. "Jesus said," the man yelled, "that no one had as much faith." I reminded my antagonist that Jesus never killed any one of his enemies and asked God to forgive them for they did not know what they were doing.

I left the World Arena feeling a little like I had been in the Romans' arena with mighty, ferocious lions of a political sort. We come to such a place knowing we won't change many hearts but knowing deep down it's the right thing to do.

-- Bill Durland

Colorado Springs

Straightening out the mess

I finally stopped laughing and decided that a response to a couple of your letter writers from last week is in order.

So, Cheri Gamble ("Where's the Indy?") "thought we lived in a democracy." Survey says, "bzzzzzzz!!! " Ah, we live in a republic, Cheri. "... and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation under God ..."

I don't mean to sound crass, but the fact that you're an ignorant dolt isn't really your fault. Ninety-eight percent of our elected officials (everyone, except Ron Paul) are propagandizing you to believe such hogwash. How in the world are we going to straighten out this mess and hold our leaders accountable if most of you don't even know what system of government we're under?

Please go to any search engine, type in "republic vs. democracy," and read the first 10 sites that appear. If you still favor your beloved democracy, then all I can say is, please go screw up someone else's country! Either your history teacher was an idiot, or you were too busy listening to Tiny Tim and trying to decide which kind of bong to buy next.

And then we have letter writer Geoff Kramer ("Spurred into action"), who, like most communists, ah, I mean liberals, gets very hypersensitive when it comes to viewing a picture of a dead fetus. What's the problem, Geoff? If a fetus is such a nonperson, and just a "product of conception," why can't you stand to see a picture of one?

You might call your values "progressive" (by the way, it's "we progressives," not "us progressives" -- what, were you a once an ebonics teacher or something? You sure didn't progress much in English grammar), but I'll still call them barbaric, no matter how much your ilk kicks and whines!

And finally, Geoff, please tell me the exact section of the Colorado Revised Statutes that states it's illegal to display a picture of a dead fetus.

-- Ken Orlando

Colorado Springs

Toxic ooze of sludge

It's now apparent that the Democrats have captured the First Amendment (freedom of speech). The Democrats love Michael Moore and the numerous lies he spews in his "documentary." They chuckle when Dan Rather forges documents that slander and degrade our commander in chief. They cross-promote the dozens of slanderous books, which have been written recently against our president. They put billboards up that tell some colored people that Bush doesn't want their vote to count. They call Bush "the divider," but we all know that it takes two people to like each other.

The left so hates us, they end up hating themselves because they are surrounded by hate. They bathe in the toxic ooze of sludge that their lives produce. They are "the dividers."

Some Vietnam veterans have a story to tell about what actually happened to them, yet the left has now deemed that to be illegal. They are using their army of lawyers and activists to pressure and damage any entity that tries to promote this side of the story. They won't let Stolen Honor be shown on TV or in movie theaters.

They are not only mean, nasty and ruthless, they are probably committing a RICO violation too. They have told numerous bookstores that if they sell Unfit for Command they will sue the store.

The week of Nov. 2 will be a dark week in our nation's history. The Democrats have polluted and prostituted the Republic we live in. They fear no law, fear no God, and are accountable to no one. Their rabid goal is Power at any cost. They will enjoy suing the world to prove that "Kerry won."

The real WMDs are the Washington Male Democrats. They are the ones trying to destroy America and her way of life. The mess, which the Democrats will create on Nov. 3, may end up starting another civil war. I know which side I'm on, that's for sure!

-- Jeff Chapdelaine

Colorado Springs


The address for Howard's Pit BBQ was incorrect in the Oct. 14 Best Of issue. The correct address is 3350 N. Chestnut St. The phone number is 573-RIBS. The Independent regrets the error.


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