Sending a bad message

I am writing in response to a reader's letter last week concerning Adelphia changing the time of The Daily Show to midnight from 9 p.m.

I called the number 888/683-1000 for the local customer service and issued a complaint. The woman I spoke to said I was the first she had spoken to about the concern and would forward the complaint to find out who is in charge of changing the times and why.

I also asked to be contacted about what was being done about it for follow thorough. I would like to extend the request to your readers who are concerned, as the former reader expressed in the past letter to the editor, to speak to Adelphia about not moving the time schedule of The Daily Show.

I do believe that this town tries to squeeze out any controversial messages concerning the state of our country and this is only one of the many ways it is done. Even though it seems insignificant, it sends a message to those of us who don't fall into the conservative agenda that the town doesn't respect other voices. It's very disturbing.

-- Becca Williams

Via the Internet

Life's little pleasure

If it's true that The Daily Show is being moved to midnight, we want to protest. The Daily Show at 9 p.m. is one of life's little pleasures -- a good laugh before bedtime for us over-60s.

-- Sara and Bob Miner

Colorado Springs

Conduit for ads

This is dj vu all over again -- moving Jon Stewart from prime time at 9 p.m. to midnight was like moving what's-his-name, Rich somebody, from the front page of the Gazelle Metro section upstairs and off.

I strongly suspect that moving the one loud liberal voice on television to some remote time is the real motivation for this change.

You know, Adelphia sucks. TV sucks. Thanks to our enlightened administration and their pro-business stance, the FAA has further loosened controls on the amount of ad time on TV and radio. We are getting less and less content, more and more commercial time. And Adelphia keeps raising the rates. For what? Adelphia is becoming just a conduit for ads.

I like Jon Stewart. I like Rich Tosches.

-- Paul Eckstein

Colorado Springs

Conspiracy theory

I am very upset but not surprised at Adelphia's plan to move The Daily Show to midnight. Since this is Colorado Springs and the Republicans don't "approve" of the show, they will show it at a time when it is inconvenient to watch.

-- Kathy Grieshaber

Colorado Springs

Canceling his service

I got that message (the Daily Show being moved) about a month ago and told my wife I was contacting Adelphia to let them know if they did move the time to midnight I was canceling my service.

That is a bunch of bull.

-- Edd Ernest

Colorado Springs

Going to dish

I was already on the verge of dropping this monopoly for a dish anyway, and The Daily Show delay is the final straw. There's no way Adelphia is keeping me from Jon Stewart.

-- Gary Morse

Colorado Springs

Editor's note: We received a slew of letters from people who are furious about Adelphia's decision to move The Daily Show from 9 p.m. to midnight. For more on the issue, see Public Eye on page 15. Kenneth Cleaver's Consumer Correspondent this week, on page 5, also has an amusing reference to Jon Stewart. Finally, the telephone number that was printed in last week's paper for Adelphia was an old number; the accurate one is 888/683-1000. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oil spill

John Hazlehurst's Outsider last week was a real eye-opener for me. I genuinely became concerned about the future of our country's power supply.

So I did what any curious youngster would do; I went online and started reading about the problem. Yes, yes, nuclear power plants should be made, yadda yadda, but then I started reading about our other power problems.

Like the oil problem. I read the term Oil Peak, and I got worried. Oil Peak is when we (the world) have consumed half of the world's oil supply. Well there's still half left right? Well having half of the world's oil supply left has been summed up as eating half the pudding in the container, the first half was easy to get, but for the last half you have to scrape around the sides and get in the corners and what have you.

In other words, it'll cost a lot more to get it. And with demand always increasing, that spells bad news. If you think $2 for a gallon of gas is bad now, just wait. That isn't just bad for the average person, but the entire oil-driven world economy. So let's not just worry about our power plants; lets worry about the entire oil-based infrastructure of the world. I think I'm going to go wring my hands now.

-- Matt Clawson

Colorado Springs

There goes the country

In reference to Cara DeGette's column "The un-American way of life" (Public Eye, Nov. 25), I say don't worry about the letter concerning the gay/lesbian ads; it has two spelling and grammar errors.

I would also tell Mr. Sciallo not to worry, for the letter from "a true American" has four spelling and grammar errors each. The other letter he received had one spelling and grammar error each and, unfortunately, Mr. Sciallo's letter had the same amount of errors.

I wouldn't worry about functionally illiterate amoral Christians because they are too dumb to do any effective harm to Mr. Sciallo. However, which is worse -- a sarcastic liberal who can't spell, or functionally illiterate amoral Christians? I say we should worry about both -- these are the people that work in and run our businesses, provide services, are likely to work for the government and in the health-care industry, and run the country.

For your edification, here are some prime examples:

Seen at a Wells-Fargo ATM drive-through, below a Braille sign: "For our unsighted customers" -- this was not in Braille.

Seen at Pikes Peak Community College: "Disabled Parking Lot" -- I would like to know the parking lot's disability so we can accommodate it!

That's right, one of the greatest industrialized nations in the world has one of the highest illiteracy and high school dropout rates -- no wonder we don't have much respect and less influence than we thought in the world.

P.S.: Please use only my first name if you decide to publish this letter; we don't need 100 concerned Christians showing up at our door!

-- Marcel

(last name withheld upon request)

Colorado Springs

Too much hate

Lately I've been feeling that there is just too much hate going on since the election. One thing that I feel is extremely unjust is the constant bashing of the gay, lesbian, etc., community.

I just wanted to write a letter saying that they're all human beings just like you. Cara DeGette's Nov. 25 column, titled "The un-American way of life," (don't get me wrong, the Independent is the only newspaper I will read) was what set me off to the point where I just can't put up with letting someone bash gays such as the man/woman did in that letter.

I can now understand why that person would send their note in anonymously, simply because they don't know what they are talking about because they are so narrow-minded.

The point I wanted to get across to anyone who finds that being gay is immoral or so on is, who cares? It's not your life to control, nor does their personal life affect yours in any way. What has any gay person ever done to you? Probably nothing.

Some people say they hate to see them in public. Well, have you ever thought of anyone else besides yourself in the fact that maybe they don't like to see you and your wife/husband either? Not to mention, just because someone is different from you in one way or another doesn't mean that he or she doesn't have good morals or is or isn't a good person.

I would hope that these people will stop focusing on other peoples' lives so intensely, and focus on their own. I'm not telling anyone to let go of their beliefs, but just to keep it to yourself because you spread hate and make it OK for others to hurt others and that's not OK.

-- Kimberly Moody

Colorado Springs?

Fresh energy

In reply to "Wiggling out" (News, Dec. 2-8), concerning Colorado Springs Utilities' difficulty in embracing and possibly finding renewable energy to comply with Amendment 37, I have an idea.

It will not cost CSU anything, will stimulate jobs and give those who advocate green energy a way to personally step up to the plate.

Firstly, the city and utilities need to allow businesses and individuals the ability to sell back energy (install reversing meters).

Secondly, provide tax incentives to purchase and install solar and wind generators. Read: save money, create jobs.

Thirdly, mandate that all new developments (residential and business) personally generate 10 to 20 percent of their energy usage from renewables. Kinda pass the buck, but owners gain cheaper utilities and CSU gains renewable credit.

As to the Outsider, it seems that Mr. Hazlehurst has lost hope; I'm sorry. The problem with nuclear is not just the possibilities of Three Mile Island repeated, but the everyday waste they produce that will remain radioactive long after we finally sort out global warming. You want that in your back yard?

-- Doug Bursnall

Colorado Springs

Isn't going to take it anymore

I'd like to answer Rence Seyb, who wrote in a Nov. 25 letter to the editor that he was "appalled" about the movement afoot to "politicize" KRCC. He says he'd prefer more music, actually.

Well, Rence, I'm sorry to inform you but KRCC is already politicized.

National Public Radio's corporate sponsors are already making sure you do not hear about the movements to investigate the recent United States election, or about the massive deficit being fueled by increasing tax breaks for the rich; nor about U.S. reluctance to address global warming, about the persistent protests here and abroad against our administration, about what's really happening in Iraq.

I'm sorry that you may not want to hear about those things. There are, however, those of us who do, and most importantly we would like to insist you hear about those things as well. Why? Because we need your help. Your disregard for politics is working against us. Your remaining uninformed is the main tool used against the rest of us!

It's going to take all of us working together to fight for our rights, our environment, our prosperity, our children and our fellow beings. The Ukrainian people took to the streets when they saw their election was stolen. Americans would prove no less valiant I'm sure, if only they knew what was going on!

The world outside of your earshot condemns our country. Bush says he opposes the World Criminal Court, and it's no wonder why. When world justice finally catches up with America's crimes against peace, the Bush gang is going to be marched straight up to the scaffold.

You wrote that you'd prefer to hear more music on KRCC. Well so would I.

But while Fallujan civilians are massacred out of view, while tanks are driven over the wounded in the streets, while we rain Napalm upon Iraqi families, and while in Africa millions die of AIDS, while those evils persist, I think we might forgo our musical predilections while we foster in ourselves a greater sensitivity to the world's suffering. Is that too "political" for you Rence? Please grow some moral fortitude.

Please join us in asking KRCC to drop just one of their corporate news programs, PRI for example, in favor of Free Speech Radio News or Democracy Now!

-- Eric Verlo

Pikes Peak Media Alliance

Colorado Springs


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