No impending crisis

I am writing to express disappointment and to correct inaccuracies in the Feb. 2 Independent story on KRCC ("Between friends and neighbors," News).

Let me reassure you there is no impending crisis at KRCC. While the college is asking the station to do more to generate revenue, no funds have been cut from KRCC's budget, and no jobs or programming are at risk. To construe current circumstances in any other way is irresponsible.

Colorado College's financial allocation to the station was not eliminated indefinitely, as the article suggests. The station's cash reserves level was met, so a year-end allocation was unnecessary. The college has communicated this to station management in several ways and at several times since spring 2005. The college budgets annually, so it is inappropriate to project shortfalls years from now.

The college and KRCC are part of the same institution and, as with any other CC department, the college provides support for KRCC's operations. Each year, the college provides approximately $150,000 worth of administrative services to the station. In addition, the college provides seed money for new initiatives. This fiscal year and last fiscal year, the college provided seed money for KRCC's local news program "Western Skies," as well as funding for a news director position. So, the fact is, the college has provided more support in the last two years than in previous years. We did so with the expectation that KRCC-generated news programming will bring in greater support from listeners and underwriters.

The station's programming is very much a community service of the college, with major support from donors, underwriters and grants. If we decide to change the identifier language, we would not remove CC from the phrase, but might tweak it to add in the additional sources of support to encourage contributions.

The college champions its radio station and will not allow it to fail. But we are asking more of the station and its listeners than ever before. And I am confident both will step up to the plate.

The reporter received most of this information after conducting an extensive interview with a college spokesperson but, unfortunately, he chose not to include these important points in his story. The piece did not represent the kind of balanced journalism that I trust the Independent would like to be known for.

Richard F. Celeste


Colorado College

Months into years

I'd like to thank Michael de Yoanna for asking my thoughts about how to make KRCC more popular. May I offer one correction? We've been trying to bring "Democracy Now" to KRCC not "for months," but for three years. Look where these years have led us.

If citizens are kept mal-informed, what hope will there ever be to rescue our great republic, or tackle social and cultural issues in our community?

We were excited to learn that Colorado College was setting up a KRCC advisory board. We've since learned that the board will have no say over the programming, and instead will deal only with "operating costs and fund raising." Certainly, that is not how the college wants to serve its faculty, students and community.

If anyone wants to argue that network news, including NPR, keeps them informed well enough, first ask yourself: How do you know? You'll find outside your bubble is an entire world ready to laugh at that suggestion, except that the stereotypical know-little American isn't looking so funny anymore.

Eric Verlo

Quack, quack

In your Feb. 9 news article "Surprise twist" about naturopath Brian O'Connell, another naturopath this one a graduate of a four-year naturopathic school was quoted supporting naturopath licensure. Rena Bloom implied that Colorado is a state of dangerous lawlessness when it comes to the practice of "alternative medicine." I agree with her conclusion, but we part company about the reason.

Ms. Bloom and other "four-year" naturopaths are a large part of the problem of booming quackery in Colorado. Nearly all members of the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Physicians already advertise that they diagnose and treat all manner of illnesses, and they even refer to themselves as "physicians" or even "primary care physicians."

Furthermore, aside from some recommendations on diet and lifestyle, the "treatments" they offer are every bit as worthless and dangerous as those offered by Brian O'Connell.

Linda Rosa, RN

Colorado director

National Council Against

Health Fraud


On the playground

OK, folks! In response to last week's Public Eye column ("With words like these"), it's time to remember that school is supposed to be about the needs of kids, not adult political fulfillment.

Language and backbiting that is unsuitable for third-graders is just as unsuitable for elected officials. Mary Ellen McNally knew that when she ran for the school board in the early '80s. She worked then, with dignity and honesty, for the kids and the community. She continues on for the same reasons, and Colorado Springs should be grateful to her for it. Craig Cox or anyone else who suggests she lacks integrity is a barefaced liar.

Let's get it together, people! You're affecting my property values with your nonsense, if nothing else. More importantly, there are a lot of kids out there who will be responsible for this country about the time you go into your dotage. Take care of them now, so they can take care of you later. They don't need your partisan politics. They need for you to act like grown-ups.

Clara Anne McKenna

Colorado Springs

What Jesus said

It is my understanding that fundamentalist or evangelical Christians believe that the Bible is the absolute word of God.

To pick and choose from the Bible allows the charge of hypocrisy, especially when Christians look to others' sins as more grave than their own.

On the matter of divorce, the Old Testament has divorce and adultery being punished by stoning to death. Jesus Christ also totally disapproved of divorce (Matthew), as being destructive to the Jewish family.

As noted in Cara DeGette's Feb. 2 Public Eye column ("Welcome to Splitsville"), El Paso County has a divorce rate around 70 percent, giving me pause to wonder: Who had the graver sin?

As Jesus Christ said, "Let those who are without sin, cast the first stone."

Name withheld upon request


Not so funny

The Independent must be trying to trump the world's tasteless cartoons of the week with its Feb. 2 George W. Bush cartoon ("The city").

Not only is it disgustingly crass, but it trivializes any real political criticism that could be made. Likely it's a reflection of the artist's own sexual exertions rather than commentary on relevant issues.

Interesting how you deify Woody Allen and vilify the president of the United States in the same issue.

Debie Bennett

Woodland Park

Colorado Springs

Sweetheart of a deal

I was pleased and surprised to recently read that City Council will require the developers of the Banning Lewis Ranch to pay for the cost of a $200 million sewage treatment plant up front, and for past expenses of almost $1 million, before development of the first phase can begin.

However, I am not pleased or comfortable with the confidentiality agreement between the developers and the city, which prevents city taxpayers from knowing all the costs that this huge development will require existing residents to pay for, as it is built over many years. I am a longtime resident and a concerned taxpayer and want to know all the details of the agreement before the city votes on this massive development agreement.

1. Why are we required to pay for the needed expansion costs for the water delivery system and other utility service expansions for this development? These costs should be paid for by the developer up front, or by the new residents of this area.

2. Who will pay for construction of the needed fire and police stations to service this massive development? At a cost of $4 million to $5 million just to build each new fire station, this will greatly add to the city's basic safety costs of operation.

3. What standards will be required in the confidential agreement between the city and the developer, for all needed roads, bridges and intersections to be built to connect to and be in this development?

4. What are the plans for parks and needed schools for this massive development? At the present time, the city is way behind with its maintenance of existing parks and has not built all the promised parks due to a funding shortage. Is the developer willing to cover these costs, too?

I encourage taxpayers to speak with their hearts and wallets against this secret sweetheart deal between the developers and our city leadership. If it is approved as is, without all of the details being made public up front before the vote, rest assured that it will be another Valentine's Day massacre.

John Edward Hawk

Colorado Springs

Keeps piling up

My husband and I get our daily exercise by walking the Shooks Run trail from Fontanero Street north to the railroad overpass at Lilac Street. For weeks, we have noticed how the dog "doo" keeps piling up even though there is a posted sign which reads, "Etiquette dog owners keep dogs on leash, clean up dog excrement."

Apparently no one reads the sign, or no one cares, because the dog "doo" keeps piling up. Some of it is even on the paved trail itself. What is to be done? Do we need to contact the Web site DogPile.com? Or just wait a few more months for the "doo" to keep piling up, and then petition City Council to change the name of the trail to "Shits Run"?

L. Cravin

Colorado Springs

A bigger story

Is the mainstream media coverage biased with the wounding of the two ABC employees? It appears as though these two ABC employees are given special consideration over the 16,420 U.S. troops who have been wounded or the 2,242 U.S. troops killed in action.

By the way, Bush and Cheney have not attended a military funeral for any of our troops. Nor do Bush or Cheney care that more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed by the Bush coalition. Iraq did not attack the United States.

Is there a bigger story in all this chaos than the ABC story? I believe the media should investigate the lies from the Bush regime that have perpetrated all this chaos.

Leon Rodriguez

U.S. Army, retired



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