Useful at last

I frequently find myself in strong disagreement with your publication's point of view on a wide range of issues, but the July 27 article on the 5th Congressional District Republican primary was very useful.

You fairly summarized the behavior of the parties involved, and presented much useful information as to the actual background and positions of the various candidates, complete with links to their respective Web sites. This was very useful in assisting me in making an informed decision as to how I should vote. Thank you.

Don Ryan

Colorado Springs

So much smarter

As a liberal, I am becoming truly annoyed with your newspaper. I have always believed that one thing that separates liberals from conservatives is the ability to maintain reality and objectivity while not having to mindlessly promote themselves as a product of their self-consciousness.

What I see every week, however, is a restaurant full of smug liberals reading your paper and masturbating to their self-righteousness. Wouldn't it be better to provide a neutral, straightforward paper, rather than proving yourselves exactly the same as the Gazette (save even more blatantly slanted)?

Any of your newspaper's success is due to the fact that people love reading things that just approve their opinions and sighing haughtily, "Mmm hmmm, I am so much smarter than those Republicans," and generally then throwing their heads back and laughing haughtily. This kind of self-gratification isn't news.

Daniel Gilbert

Colorado Springs

Carnival trash heap

I am a Republican and a conservative, and I am outraged by liberal placement of political signs by Republican candidates all over our town.

In some parts, they have literally littered entire intersections. Take, for instance, the northeast corner of Nevada and Austin Bluffs. An entire intersection looks like a trash heap after a carnival.

There definitely needs to be legislation that protects the integrity of our roadsides from this plague of campaign signs. Those candidates whose names have become ubiquitous with mass distribution of signs in one area lost my vote.

I ask that all candidates be a little more conservative and place their signs with some class.

Jacob Boenisch

Colorado Springs

On our shoulders

It saddens me to see that there has not been one letter from Independent readers concerning the current crisis in Lebanon. Not one article in the Independent covering this crisis, sharing stories ... sharing truth. Can what the Lebanese people are feeling be true? Do we really not care about them? Have we abandoned them? Are we all so scared of being labeled an anti-Semite that we will just sit idly by and watch as Israel destroys another country and forces its people into a way of life that is too awful for Westerners to even imagine?

I know this is not true it can't be true. Please, help me prove this is not true. Become informed, write your representatives, your senators, your president. Tell them to stop this massacre. Tell them to stop supporting Israel's one-sided views. Tell them to call for an immediate cease-fire.

The U.S. government holds the power to stop this brutality immediately. As long as the United States supports Israel's attacks on Lebanon, the deaths of Lebanese and Israeli citizens will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the United States.

Melissa Anthony


There for oil

The U.S. status quo needs Israel to help oversee our selfish interests in the Middle East. I see no hope when the U.S. finances Israel militarily and monetarily by the millions, and, if the other side dares to get balancing help, they are labeled "terrorists."

Compare Hezbollah's old rockets to Israel's high-tech weapons (tanks, airplane bombs, etc.) The majority of the media in all countries that have practiced colonialism and/or imperialism go along with their governments' propaganda war-mongering. You have to be uninformed if you think the U.S., British and their NATO allies are involved in the Middle East for democracy and freedom. They are there for oil, expanding markets, cheap resources and cheap labor. We do not even have democracy in the United States, since it costs millions of dollars to run for office.

The government is run for and by corporations, banks, wealthy ultra-right religious groups, and millionaires and billionaires.

Jean Christian

Colorado Springs

No thanks, buster

Recently, an Indy libertarian letter-writer gave a sales pitch for God.

No thanks, buster. I'll not sell my soul to any political party. Any religious group. Any goodness within me has nothing to do with if I sign on any dotted line.

How much faith you (and I) have in life and how we treat each human is what matters, ultimately.

Howard Wesley Johnson

Lake George

Not her business

Why is Aug. 3 letter-to-the-editor-writer Sandy Wickham of Woodland Park ("Step by step") so concerned about District 11? Perhaps this is part of the problem, out-of-district folk dabbling in our business.

I can only surmise that she is employed in D-11 but doesn't a) live here; b) pay taxes here; c) educate her children here; d) live with the consequences of protecting the status quo here.


Toby Norton

Colorado Springs

Free the Five

On Aug. 9, 2005, the Atlanta 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the unjust convictions imposed on five Cubans. Arrested in 1998, these men were monitoring terrorist groups in Miami.

Although the five were fighting terrorism, the same administration that has launched the so-called "war on terrorism" has kept them imprisoned.

These courageous men are not criminals; they were only defending their country from terrorist acts. Groups operating out of southern Florida have caused the death of more than 3,500 Cubans. The U.S. government has not just turned a blind eye to these terrorist groups, but has supported, trained, sponsored and financed them from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to the Bush administration.

Why is it that while the Five are languishing in U.S. prisons, these terrorists walk the streets of Miami free? One year has passed since the reversal of their convictions, but they are still imprisoned. The world demands justice for the Cuban Five. It is time for them to go home.

Alicia Jrapko

Oakland, Calif.

Editor's note: One of the Cuban Five, Antonio Guerrero, is serving a life sentence in Florence, near Cañon City. The Colorado Springs Independent published an extensive story on the Cuban Five on April 10, 2003. The story can be read online at csindy.com/csindy/2003-04-10/cover.html.

Hail Caesar

I have been an observer of the political scene for the past 50 years, and I greatly fear for the future of the United States. We are a country that is doomed if we do not change directions and go back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

I'm afraid the vast majority of the American public is self-centered, self-absorbed, unfaithful, untrustworthy and narcissistic to the extreme.

Just one example of the change of attitude of John Q. Public. People driving the interstate when coming toward each other refuse to dim their lights. It used to be you could flash your lights at an oncoming car, and they would immediately dim their lights. Now you can flash your lights until you break the switch, and you will get no reaction.

It used to be a kid could get expelled from school for talking back to the teacher. Now kids have to go through a metal detector to see if they left their guns and knives at home.

We are a country that has legally murdered 40,000,000 babies since 1973, then whine that there are not enough taxpayers to pay Social Security for the generation that indulged in that massive child sacrifice.

We are a nation that requires a kid to have parental permission before the school can give out an aspirin, but can force kids to take harmful drugs because of the psychobabble term "attention deficit disorder." It is actually DDD: discipline deficit disorder.

We are a nation where someone can chain-smoke, then turn around and sue because they have lung cancer. What ever happened to self-responsibility?

I don't even want to get into the ignorant actions of our politicians both Republican and Democrat. There is not a dime's worth of difference between the major parties, and the sooner people realize it, the better for America. Our politics are rotten to the core, and the middle-class, blue-collar worker is being, well, basically screwed.

Keep it up, America, and within the next 20 years, we will have gone the way of the Roman Empire.

Don Fahrenkrug


Call the Guard

Why is it that a nation that spends $400-plus billion for the military and $29 billion for Homeland Security cannot close its borders? There is something terribly wrong with this. The House of Representatives has voted to secure our borders. The Republican National Committee says close the border at all costs.

Eighty-six percent of the people polled say they want to close the borders. We need to close our borders for the security of this nation. We have a 2,000-mile border with Mexico. Where al Qaeda and Islamic radicals can simply stroll across the border, and thousands of pounds of drugs, and where almost 100,000 illegal immigrants, cross every month.

Why won't Congress do something? This is totally insane. We have a large group of open-border people who want the cheap labor. Others have sympathy for the illegal immigrants, while there are millions and millions of unemployed and under-employed.

This border has to be closed. And the only way to do this is to send 3 percent of the National Guard to the border. That would be six to a mile on our 2,000-mile border to Mexico. With a border patrol, it would make 12 to a mile. This would certainly stem this deluge of illegal immigrants. At the same time, it would stop the drug runners who are bringing poison to our young people. And al Qaeda from strolling across our open borders.

Irwin MacLeod

Colorado Springs

Who predicted the winner?

Congratulations to Nate Lamborn, who correctly predicted the finish in the 5th Congressional District primary: his father Doug, followed by Jeff Crank, Bentley Rayburn, Lionel Rivera, John Anderson and Duncan Bremer. Nate himself has been in the news, as the Crank campaign recently filed a police report accusing him of illegally pulling up competitors yard signs. On Election Day, the case against him was thrown out. He wins lunch for three with Independent publisher John Weiss. It should be an interesting meal.


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