Undo the coup

No surprise that the sheriff in St. Paul, Minn., fully "fused" with the spooks, leads the charge against "anarchists." That's what any of us who prefer peace to war these days are being labeled, particularly we who attempt to speak out and demonstrate in any meaningful way.

The 40 fusion centers, including "super fusion centers" in places such as Washington, D.C., and Colorado Springs have been busy stripping away our basic freedoms, particularly freedom of speech. "Intimidate the hell out of those bastard anarchists" has become their mantra as they arrest us, gas us, threaten us with Tasers, surveil us and infiltrate our groups with manipulative imposters.

The only way to undo the coup is to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden (they are nowhere near perfect, but better by far than what's been in there), get a real justice department in place and have a "Good Journalism Seal of Approval" (like the old Good Housekeeping Seal) for the few papers, magazines and stations out there that still stick to nonpartisan, accurate reporting and true investigative journalism.

Rita Ague
Colorado Springs

Too much to expect

I'm grandmother to a 4-year-old handicapped child, the only child of my daughter, and I can tell you my daughter does not have time to know who is running for political office, let alone abandon her daughter to run for the vice presidency of this country.

What Christian woman would bring a mentally retarded child into this world, along with four other children, to abandon them for her own self-interests? Sarah Palin said her baby daughter was a gift from God. Sarah, so are your other under-aged children!

Geraldine Ferraro is a mother, just like Hillary Clinton (and Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher), but they raised their children first, then pursued political office. Palin has practically no experience, and she has no moral priorities to the children she has brought into this world. Was I the only mother who saw very sad children behind their "glorious" mother announcing her candidacy?

In essence, if Palin's' priorities are her self-interests and not her family, what priority will she take when it comes to the nation?

Elaine Brush
Colorado Springs

Ultimate flip-flop

John McCain made an issue of Barack Obama's government experience. In the ultimate flip-flop, McCain then picked as his running mate Sarah Palin, Alaska's 44-year-old governor, a former beauty queen with a 4-month-old child, whose government experience includes serving as mayor of a town of 9,000 and less than two years in state office. A remote, sparsely populated and politically inconsequential state, at that.

Given that she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency a weak, 72-year-old heartbeat one has to wonder: Is she ready to lead? Compare her to Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, a seasoned and respected U.S. senator with 36 years of national political experience and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Against his impressive track record, Sarah Palin looks like what she is: a pretty hockey mom ill-prepared for the responsibility of national office.

One has to question the decision-making skills of McCain.

Gavin Ehringer
Colorado Springs

Plans for Palin

John McCain, who has voted 125 times against women's reproductive rights in his 26 years in the Senate, has just picked a woman as his running mate. What are his plans for her, since she's obviously unqualified to be vice president of the United States to chain her, pregnant and barefoot, to a desk in the Oval Office?

Natalie Schlabaugh
Colorado Springs

Hit the road, James

After the events at Invesco Field on Aug. 28, one could reasonably conclude (in biblical proportions, of course), that:

Focus on the Family's power of prayer is not strong;

Prayers uttered or urged by pseudo-religious organizations are ignored;

God is a Democrat.

It is time for citizens of Colorado to urge nay, demand that James Dobson and his minions remove their adolescent buffoonery to a different location (perhaps an abandoned oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico) to practice their schoolboy religion, or be taxed as the political-action group that they obviously are.

R.D. Tift
Colorado Springs

Blown opportunity

A summer visitor to this magnificent foothills paradise can't help but notice that in a time of greatly inflated gas prices, the leaders of Colorado Springs are missing a huge opportunity to alter the dominant automobile culture somewhat in favor of a more mass, particularly bus-riding, transportation alternative.

The present bus provision in Colorado Springs discourages all but daytime prior to late afternoon trips, and the hourly schedule is a fraction of that needed by anyone wishing to use the system.

Investment in an expanded schedule, with a corresponding campaign of incentives and publicity, could attract riders and begin development of systems that most countries and some U.S. cities established long ago.

Colorado Springs should lead in this movement. It now lags far behind.

Herb Kells
Washington, D.C.

Obama has it

I am a survivor of the Holocaust and served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. I have firsthand knowledge of the meaning of war. When I express my support of Barack Obama, I am surprised at the number of fellow veterans who support John McCain because they feel his military service gives him a greater knowledge of international affairs and national defense.

The first thing we learned in the service was to obey orders. Not many of us rose high enough to give orders and exercise whatever leadership qualities we may have had. While I certainly believe we should respect and honor McCain for his service, I question how his being shot down and spending five years in prison contributed to his leadership skills. His years in Congress probably did much more.

When Obama met with Gen. David Petraeus, they disagreed on what our policy should be. Of course! Petraeus cannot publicly disagree with his commander-in-chief, President George W. Bush. The last general to disagree publicly with a president's policy was Gen. Douglas MacArthur. President Truman fired him!

Did Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy have anywhere close to the military experience McCain has? I don't think so! How about Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Picasso, van Gogh, Pavarotti all who left their mark on the world.

None of us will ever know what makes a few rise above the rest of humanity. Whatever power it is, Obama has it and, with our support, he will become not only a good president but a statesman of the world who will help America win back the kind of respect we earned during and directly after World War II. Edward Aubrey
Colorado Springs

Melting plot

I am responding to Deb Stover's letter ("Corsi: Don't be fooled," Letters, Aug. 21). She stated: "In The Late Great USA, Jerome Corsi suggests "the real reason behind President Bush's push for immigration reform is to unite the United States, Mexico and Canada by erasing borders and creating a North American Union.' Surely this must be a work of fantasy."

I highly recommend a Web search for "Building a North American Community." This document is a report on the alleged benefits of all three countries unifying. While I find it very interesting that the document is dated two months after a meeting in March 2005 alleged not to have taken place between George W. Bush, Vicente Fox and Paul Martin at Baylor University, in which the three signed an agreement regarding the very thing that most cannot believe could actually happen I find absolutely no benefit for any people in abrogating their sovereignty, and there is no authority within the Constitution for us to do it to anyone else.

Gregory-Alan Johnson
Colorado Springs

Tax us, please

The Gazette has been really coming through for people lately. It had a front-page story on the Citizens for Cost-Efficient Government, co-chaired by state Sen. Andy McElhany, and also a story on the city's latest shortfall due to lack of sales-tax revenues, now on a yearly basis. We the people, and visitors to this city, just aren't spending what our leaders think we should be spending.

Another column trashed members of Citizens for Effective Government, leading the campaign for a much-needed tax increase, as the richest of the rich. Nobody talked to/with me. I don't know anyone poorer than I am, but I'm for the tax increase. I work part-time at three jobs, and only after a lot of savings could I afford to take my son (on leave from the Army) out to dinner one time. I'm poor financially, but I realize (and have for years) the significance of having funds to help provide the services that this city used to help provide but have gone away because of budget constraints.

Once upon a time, this city and county contributed to programs that assisted primarily women with substance-abuse problems, but the funding for that went away long ago. Now, if you still have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs, you are on your own.

When will it end?

The city and county need this tax. And, while budget cuts are what many have sought for years, our society as a whole is deteriorating. I am below poverty level, and I still support the sales tax increase! It's that important.

Addy Hansen
Colorado Springs

Trouble in D-49

In another attempt to skirt the public process and prevent the public from engaging in their school district, the D-49 board of education prevented a citizen from speaking at its Aug. 27 meeting. Citing board policy that limits open forum comments at "special" board meetings, the board prevented a very involved citizen from speaking.

This person has spoken out against the board on several occasions, and it seems the board does not like hearing about mistakes, blatant disregard of district policy and state laws, and lack of respect for community involvement.

The way this person was treated by the board president, Anna Bartha, was uncalled for. The board reads a statement before each meeting that warns speakers to be respectful and polite, but the manner in which Bartha responded was rude, disrespectful and totally inappropriate.

The board already excessively limits open-forum comments. Now it appears the board will try to prevent citizens from expressing opinions. Too many times they have cut off people speaking out against board actions and not allowed extra time, while letting speakers who approve of the board speak well past their allotted time.

In November, three board members (Anna Bartha, Dave Stark and appointed member Mark Shook) will be up for election. That will be the time to elect D-49 board members who truly represent the entire community and will want everybody involved in the public process.

Linda S. Johnson
Colorado Springs


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