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Re: “Network error

- "Ignorance is bliss". You don't leave your name not because of suit, but because you yourself do not want your laundry aired. It may also be because you should not gossip. A lesson learned in Kindergarten I might add. I leave my name because pretty soon there is so much crap, you don't know where it is coming from, who is writing it, and if the person has any integrity.

I wanted to get on here and spit some fact right back at you who responded, but then I remember why I did this. I will no longer carry around bad feelings towards those who dislike or believe in Dr. Hernandez. I will no longer carry any bad feelings about my brother. I am saddened that people allowed their animosity to destroy the school and ALL who are there.

I sent my kids to school there after I quit because I TRUSTED they would be safe and excel. A big part of that trust was in the creator. I care about the people I worked with and who taught my children, but I cannot have my kids at a place where the staff stab each other in the back regardless of who is on what side.

All of it breaks my heart.

So, belonging062110, I want you to know I won't sue you. I don't have enough money As for Lawrence, I can't speak for him. I do hope he doesn't waste any time reading all this crap. Yes, rhetoric! It is cruel and dumb. Remember the more times you post and do not leave your name the more everyone knows you still do not have the courage to stand up. Everything you say has no merit until you do.

You won't get a fight here. It would be great if people put this energy into CCA and DHPH. I hope, but do not want to risk my children's education on it, that the schools will succeed.

Posted by lgallardo on 10/05/2009 at 9:02 PM

Re: “Network error

Well, as disheartening as this situation is, I have to comment. My first comment is to Mr. Stanley. Please quit these tabloid ridden articles that are full of rhetoric. This was said. . That was said.. I am sick of it. Where are the facts? Not on this website for sure! Here are a few for you. One, every person who comments and doesn't leave there name is as cowardly as Mr. Rich Mestas, Dennis Feurstein, and all the other CCA/DHPH administrators that help to oust Dr.Hernandez. He stood alone that night. While, none of you had the courage to confront him personally, you joined in the mob mentality created by your cowardly leader, Mr. Mestas. In front of the kids no less. One of you even screamed at parents who spoke in Dr. Hernandez's favor. Two, the audits have just begun. We don't even know what is true. I have my issues with Dr. Hernandez and Annette, but I have never questioned that he will be the only one who will ensure the quality of education there. Yes, the teachers work hard, but it is also him who ensures that and guides them. Both schools will have no direction and collapse. What for? Well, because all the administrators, many of whom do not have the appropriate license to lead, believe they can do a better job. I will not stake my children's future on that. This belief is opportunistic on their parts. How can you say you will continue with Dr. Hernandez's mission? Go out and start your own schools, get a mission, spend hours getting funding, and try to find good employees who will believe in you. Don't try to steal someone else's work. We know we cannot depend on the board? They apparently didn't realize the wages they approved, even though Mr. Feurstein was quoted as saying "He's (Dr. H) worth it". They also don't seem to be aware of accounting and budget needs or what their own bylaws are. They also provided no reason for the firings. What about Velia Rincon? She has been nothing but dedicated to the school, and even more so, the children. What is wrong with you people!!! We cannot trust an administration that does not put our kids first. School will not continue as usual. The catalyst for destruction was set when the CCSN, CCA, DHPH boards, believed they could take over somenelse's work. Say what you want, but at least have the guts to stand behind what you say.

Lisa Gallardo (Hernandez)

Posted by lgallardo on 10/04/2009 at 6:54 PM

Re: “Talking back

I never comment on any issues regarding CCN, but I feel inclined to do so based on the ignorant rubbish being spewed in regards to Dr. (not Mr.-Lawrence has a doctorate from Stanford whether you respect that or not) Hernandez's family.

To Disgusted in Denver and the Colorado Springs Independent:

You will not find any nepotism on the Hernandez' side of the family. Matter a fact, the highly paid athletic director, Marion Hernandez, makes minimum wage even after being employed by CCA for nine years. He is the lowest paid athletic director in the state and possibly in the country. He has over 40 years experience working in the field of athletics. He has worked for the city of Pueblo for 35 years running various programs, and he still does to this day. He was the area director and assignor for the Umpire Association for 10 years, as well as a stand out umpire. He created the first set of T-Ball rules, so that the T-Ball program could begin in Pueblo. He has coached football, basketball, softball, and baseball as well. He has every certification required by CHASSA, as well as a certification to be an athletic director. His name is one that can be dropped in any athletic circle in Pueblo, and now in the state of Colorado High School athletics, and will be referred to as a knowledgeable and reputable source in regards to athleticism. He has created a strong athletic program, and put DHPH on the map in the state of Colorado.

It angers me to have to post this information just because the majority of the subscribers to this site are too ignorant or lazy to find out what is true or not true.

Sadly, all the keyboard warriors, who do not leave their name, have left true concerns for education, students, and teachers lost in the rumor mill. I am disgusted as well to see a forum for people to go on tangents just to stir the pot, and take away the authenticity of people who are making valid statements.

With that said, it would be nice to have documentation or resources that can be referred to when people make post. So, in the future, if you have something to say, find out the truth first.

Lisa Gallardo (proud daughter of Marion Hernandez)

Posted by lgallardo on 07/08/2009 at 2:43 PM

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