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Re: “Election endorsements, part II

I agree with 98% of your selections. I also appreciate your in-depth and logical and informative rationale for your selections, which is far more than I can say for the farcical endorsements made by The Gazette.

Only one thought regarding your comment about Richard Skorman and Sallie Clark being the only two legitimate candidates for strong mayor (if this ever passes). One is too far left, and one is too far right. There has to be a qualified centrist out there who is also a successful entreprenuer, has previous public office experience, and knows his/her way around City Hall. If 300 passes, hopefully this individual will step forward. Unfortunately, if 300 passes we are likely to see the development community anoint their own heir apparent to the throne.

Posted by Liam on 10/14/2010 at 7:59 PM

Re: “Two parties, two futures

"I see no reporting here..."

This is a column, 007jjb, and as such it contains personal opinions. If you want factual info, read the news reports instead.

Yep, let's blame it all on the unions and those socialist Dems! I guess the GOP just stood around and let it all happen during the 8 years W was in charge, huh?

Posted by Liam on 08/12/2010 at 10:04 AM

Re: “Comin' on strong

I can't wait to see which PACs and other special interest groups will be supporting any particular strong mayor candidate. That will tell us all we need to know as to why all of the sudden a strong mayor seems to be such a good idea to some folks. PAC money always gets access to elected officials (in this case a strong mayor), and that access inevitably turns into undue influence.

Posted by Liam on 07/29/2010 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Letters

Unless the new HRC selects its own members to ensure it can execute its new mission successfully, which it cannot do if it wishes to operate under the jurisdiction of a city commission, and along the lines of which Barb Van Hoy envisions, Guman is right on the money. Council will appoint members who mirror their own values and concerns, as they do for all council=appointed positions.

Van Hoy still contends that an HRC's role is to help the disadvantaged in our community, and to be a voice for the mistreated. I have to again agree with Guman; this is simply not the function of municipal government (and one that is presently stretched very thin in all areas).

Posted by Liam on 07/02/2010 at 9:43 AM

Re: “El Paso County says hello to a good buy

Arrogance exemplified. I just pray voters will recognize the names of candidates who are merely switching roles from one elected office to another at the county and city (i.e. Williams goes from BoCC to County Clerk, his protege Darryl Glenn (annointed by the EPC GOP) goes from City Council to Williams' old BoCC seat, etc.) If we really want to get rid of all the incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, that includes career politicans who are simply going from one office to another. Jobs in the real world must be tough to find these days, huh?

I can't wait until a couple of Dems are elected to the BoCC. Guaranteed to become the best entertainment in town when everyone starts going for the throat.

Posted by Liam on 06/10/2010 at 12:59 PM

Re: “Sheriff's race heats up as Maketa slams challenger Shirk's credentials

Fact is, El Paso County Republicans simply cannot run an election campaign without slamming each other; even in a primary election when they're running against their own fellow Republicans, they eat their own. They seem to always have a problem when it comes to sticking to the facts about their own credentials -- I guess it's much easier to run down your opponent.

In this next election cycle, I have made a vow to myself not to vote for any candidate - senator, governor, and even EPC sheriff - whose merits do not stand on their own. I will NOT vote for any candidate who resorts to tearing down his/her opponent as their campaign M.O. Maketa might tell his handlers this, because I am not alone in my thinking. Tell me what makes you a better candidate than your opponent; spare me the rhetoric and trash you dug up on your opponent. I'm an intelligent voter and I can determine for myself whose got more experience, who managed a larger budget, and who will do a better job.

Posted by Liam on 05/13/2010 at 9:20 AM

Re: “Star treatment

I am surprised (well, maybe not -- after all, this IS El Paso County) that those who actually seem to condone the behavior in the EPSO that has been reported in this article also blame Pam Zubeck for writing something based upon factual data and public records (and they blame The Indy for publishing it). PZ is one of the few professional investigative reporters we have left in this town, and would have no problem holding her own in a much larger venue. She has a long standing proven track record for being accurate and objective. And (unlike 98% of us here) she uses her real name in her byline when she reports her stories because her credibility is based on sticking to the facts.

Despite what some may perceive The Indy is not the National Enquirer, a real rag which routinely quotes sources as “someone who preferred to remain anonymous,” or “an unidentified person.” PZ provides names. If she didn’t have the facts to support the allegations, there is no way The Indy would publish an account like this on Maketa and his department. Unless anyone here (or Maketa himself) can provide irrefutable evidence that what PZ reported is false and libelous, then be assured it’s an accurate portrayal of what is going on in the EPSO. It also provides all the ammo any other sheriff candidate will need in the upcoming election. Count on John Anderson watching closely.

People also screamed “untrue!” and threatened libel years ago when another county staffer was busted for improprieties and indiscretion in his county department. The allegations reported back then were substantiated and tried in court, where the staffer was found guilty and sentenced. That staffer was Mike Whittey. The investigative reporter? Pam Zubeck, who was with The Gazette at the time.

Rest assured, there’s more to the EPSO escapades. And Zubeck will continue to dig and report on what she finds; it’s what good investigative reporters do.

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Posted by Liam on 03/16/2010 at 12:10 PM

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