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Re: “Lamborn votes to give away public lands; the homeless, CSU and more

I am 61 years old, my father and mother both enlisted in the Army to fight the spread of fascism in Europe, which would eventually have come to our shores.

I am speaking of WW II, my mother joined the Women's Army Corp, and my father was a 2nd lieutenant who fought on the front lines in France.

My father took a bullet from a German soldier, shattering his right arm and went through major surgery, grafting his thigh bone to repair the shattered bones in his arm.

He is a purple heart recipient and to me they are both heroes who fought to keep their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren free from fascism.

Odin and Bob Nicoll, you are both cowardly, ignorant, disgusting human beings and this country and world would be better off without either of you.

You fucking fascist bastards disgust me!

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Posted by Lil Mick on 01/12/2017 at 10:27 AM

Re: “Homelessness vs. war, Donald Trump, working for peace, and more are correct, however, Trump is more than just childish, Trump has some serious emotional issues.

I am not a psychologist, I would love to hear a non-partisan psychologist's thoughts on this, but I don't think one needs to be a psychologist to see this. You just have to have eye's, ear's and a mature brain with a mature thought process.

Trump for some reason has not matured emotionally beyond the emotional maturity of an adolescent.

This explains much, it explains why the republican debate degraded to a debate on who's wife is the hottest, or who has the larger penis.

It explains why he cannot take any criticism, why doesn't care whom it is he retaliates for criticizing him, war heroes, gold star parents, disabled individuals etc.

It explains his obsession with tweeting out his retaliation to others in an immature and disrespectful manner.

It explains when a journalist asks him why not just stop the silly war with Cruz on who's wife is hotter and going after the other's wife, his response was..."well, he started it, why do I have to stop?" Any one of us with an adolescent child knows that line very well.

We have elected to the most important seat in our government and in many way's the world a child.

In my 61 years of life, I have never seen this country in such a vulnerable way as we are now.

Our country, our democracy will not fall from bombs from Russia, China, or North Korea, if that becomes a reality, it will be Mutually Assured Destruction. We would all lose.

Our democracy will only fall if we crumble as a nation internally.

My friends, we are seeing that happen.

Our partisan polarity has become so intense, we can know longer think like adult Americans. We have become blind from our hatred for each other and to the vulnerability we are creating.

Fellow American's, unless we pull together as American's and not republicans, democrats, conservatives or progressives, we will split to a point where we can not be put back together and our nation and our democracy will fall.

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Posted by Lil Mick on 01/09/2017 at 8:12 AM

Re: “Transparency and the Drake report, saving the trout, and more

Phillip Babbitt's letter is a very powerful letter. It should be read by everyone who lives in Colorado Springs and should be alarming.

This letter does not surprise me, I left Colorado Springs just over two years ago because I could no longer live among you folks. I moved to Vermont, spent two years there, Vermont rocks! I then moved to Maine for an employment offer, Maine is sweet, not as sweet as Vermont, but the folks in Maine are very friendly, accepting and the coast line is amazing.

I also believe what Mr. Babbitt is saying is one of the reasons your CC Tigers has fallen from a perennial NCAA tournament team, to one of the worst in D-1 hockey.

For a young person, Colorado Springs, the nasty right wing religion, the hatred of gay and lesbian folks that is so widespread does not seem like a fun place to live or go to school. So, young hockey talent is going elsewhere.

What young person wants to move to a city where they are going to be bombarded with extreme right wing comments, having to see open carry guns all over the place and having your right wing religion (it's not Christian) shoved into their faces. Just look at what is going on at the Air Force Academy.

Young people who do go to school there like Mr. Babbitt are going elsewhere once they graduate. Your town is not fun, your town and the majority of folks there are just nasty, angry folks, I didn't want to live around you folks anymore and I am 61, you are not an enlightening place where most young people like to live.

Unfortunately, I am convinced, you will not hear Mr. Babbitt as you will not hear me.

My suggestion to Mr. Babbitt and all the folks who hate living in Colorado Springs as much as I did...the northeast ROCKS!!!

People here are accepting, happy and fun to be around. It is beautiful here, you must come and see the fall foliage, and there is love here, unlike the anger and hate so prevalent in your city.

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Posted by Lil Mick on 12/22/2016 at 9:11 AM

Re: “Panhandling in traffic, congestion in Manitou, mountain bikes in the wilderness, and more

Kudos...Kudos...Kudos to asawatcher, thank you for that well written and factual response :)

Tannim...WTF!!! What an unfactual....undefendable comment!! Legislation to promote women's rights is not political or gender exploitation, it is indeed to promote equality.

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Posted by Lil Mick on 09/20/2016 at 12:27 PM

Re: “Local arts, police and crime, homelessness, and more

Vietnamized, I appreciated your comments, I would like to know though, what argument do you have against my logic as to why you are not in favor of repealing the Second Amendment?

I have yet to hear a logical rebuttal. I usually hear what you wrote "I'm not for repealing the Second, but ...".


Something like, repealing the Second Amendment is too extreme, but no other rebuttal to my logic.

Being extreme is not a reason to not do something, if that something is the right thing to do.

Can you give me one solid reason as to why it should not be repealed? I wrote what I thought was a thorough, well thought out logic.

Keep in mind, repealing it would not change the status quo, all will remain as it is. However, it opens the door to regulations, just like we have with all other privately manufactured and marketed products.

The vagueness of the Second Amendment (what is an arms), pretty much zaps any attempt at passing any common sense regulations with-in that industry.

They simply invoke the Second Amendment and any legislation on regulating it bites the dust.

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Posted by Lil Mick on 09/12/2016 at 3:18 PM

Re: “Local arts, police and crime, homelessness, and more

Per Odin..." If you think the Second Amendment is about hunting, you are dramatically mistaken."

Odin brings up a very good question. My question to Odin, ok, what is the Second Amendment about?

My argument as to why we should repeal this amendment is that it was originally about protecting the rights of citizens to arm themselves as a militia, keeping the militia, or military at that time separate from the government, enabling the citizenry to protect themselves from a oppressive government.

This is clear in the Second Amendment and the amendment from the Virginia constitution from which the Second Amendment was modeled from.

It was an issue important to those at that time, as they sought liberty from an oppressive monarchy.

The Supreme Court and those who oppose gun legislation have made it clear, the need for a militia separate from the government is no longer necessary, therefore that part of the Second Amendment can be ignored, it is not necessary.

So, since that is no longer the purpose, I argue, there is no longer a purpose for the Second Amendment.

What we now have is a constitutional protection on a privately manufactured and privately marketed product. We have no such protection for any other privately manufactured and privately marketed products.

I think this is wrong, it has helped the gun manufacturers and retailers to reap in huge profits.

This is not the purpose of our Constitution or our Bill of Rights, to give such constitutional protections to privately manufactured and privately marketed products.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, the Second Amendment should be repealed.

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Posted by Lil Mick on 09/12/2016 at 7:49 AM

Re: “ColoradoCare, Donald Trump, Palmer Park improvements, and more

Kyle, one other thought after I posted my last ...again, long response, sorry about that.

Tulsi Gabbard, whom I love, has strong native Samoan blood lines.

There are other Native people running down ballot.

Let's support them.

They had it right, it was the white man, wacicu that screwed things up. Let's put our government back in their hands.

Don't give up on being a liberal or progressive, we need folks like you to help right the to speak.

Just a though my friend. :)

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Posted by Lil Mick on 08/28/2016 at 9:09 AM

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