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Re: “Not exactly brainwashing

Stacy.... uh, uh, uh. Hatred of white people? I don't have a hatred of white people. The reality IS that "some people ARE afraid to admit they aren't colorblind". It might be someone you know, it might be someone I know. They're out there. As someone that has been broken down on a small stretch of highway in CO and had two white guys call me "Ni**er B*tch" and throw an M80 at me, I know that type of person is out there. I couldn't help thinking at the time, that if it had been a little later and there were fewer cars driving by...I would've become a sad statistic. I don't hold that against ANY other white person I see and meet. How could I? I'm white, too. ~Smile~ EVERYONE I meet, regardless of color, is met with the same smile and friendly, open-minded greeting. Try looking around you. Hell, try looking online at the comments directed towards our president and his family. Some hide behind an "Avatar" and make comments like" Michele Obama's workout is swinging from a tree to find food for her monkey babies!". This is what I referred to when I mentioned "or worse beliefs". Uh, hello...That is what is racist! It's scary. Then you have some republicans that are so gung-ho that they disrespect a sitting president? Yeah, that's "blinded by pro-republican beliefs". It's one thing to disagree with the president's party or policies, but when you disrespect him because of them there's a problem somewhere! Whether it's political, moral or's wrong to behave that way. I said "some" have a problem with color (any color) and I'm right. YOU are the one that brought up white people and racial slurs, not me. Are you one of those people I mentioned? If not, then my comment was not directed at you. Take what was said in context. Know before you judge!

Posted by way2spycee4u on 09/23/2009 at 1:33 PM

Re: “Not exactly brainwashing

Hear, hear Ranger Rich! I swear some people have truly stepped outside of their minds! Yes, let's talk about about bigotry. I think the bigots are the ones so blinded by their pro-republican (or worse) beliefs, that they won't give the president of The United States of America the respect he deserves. Just look at congress (Joe Wilson), I've never seen a president disrespected like that. I don't care what your opinions are, he's still the president. Anyway, I'll bet the majority that pulled their kids out of school or declined to allow their kids to listen didn't even bother to read the speech beforehand. IGNORANT! Then there are the people crying about the speech being a "me, me, me" speech. I beg to differ. The president comes from a background that many in this country can relate to. Knowing that is a great motivation for students struggling with those same obstacles. Bravo to Barack Obama for striving reach out with the message of, "No matter the obstacles in your life if you study hard and work hard, then nothing is beyond your reach!" And while we're at it... People are crying about nothing being done about the economy, heathcare, this, that and the other. It took years to get in to the mess we are in and it will take YEARS to get out of it! This isn't "Stepford USA", get a grip and shake off your paranoia! It's the people that are turning into Nazis not Barack Obama. The problem is too many are afraid to admit they aren't colorblind! Give the man a chance. Seriously, can ANYONE really make any changes in less than a year or even two or three? No! I thought the US was better than this, am I wrong people? Change means exactly that, doing things differently. If you want change, you can't be afraid to take a step towards it. The US has always banded together when the going gets tough, it's what we're known for. How about a little unity?

Posted by way2spycee4u on 09/12/2009 at 11:41 AM

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