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Dedicated music fan creates LoCO Music Fest

You really should know Adam Leech by now. Aside from being the organizer behind this weekend's LoCO music festival at Acacia Park, he's been a mascot and leader of the Colorado Springs underground rock 'n'roll scene for over five years now. You might remember his former bands, the proto-punk band the Deadites, or the Confessions, purveyors of all things trashy and glam. Or you might have heard of CUMS (Colorado University Music Supporters), a group of music lovers at UCCS that he helped start (about which he says, "I should have called them the CU Music Lovers, but it was too late").

Leech currently holds a benevolent sway over his own a popular Web site, Leechpit.com. The site started as primarily a means to hawk merchandise for his bands, but evolved into a hub of information and gossip for the local music scene with a music events calendar, information about bands, and no fewer than eight constantly bickering forums.

In keeping with Leech's tradition of actually doing things comes the April 12 LoCO (Lower Colorado) Music Showcase and Free CD music sampler at Acacia Park this Saturday. While enrolled in a marketing class at UCCS this year, Leech and his classmates saw a golden opportunity when Honda, the car company, started giving money to schools to organize events promoting its new car, the Honda Element.

Luckily for local music fans, when Leech sees dollar signs, he hears music. He took the opportunity at hand and, with the help of a few members of the CU Music Supporters and his class, put together a free all-day show beginning at noon on Saturday at the Acacia Park band shell.

The event will showcase local bands Earthwormz, Rustcycle, Reno Divorce, Accumen1, Betting on the Muse, the Mansfields, and the Right Aways. That's hip-hop, electronic, punk rock, hip-hop, indie rock, punk rock, and ska, yes, ska, respectively.

Leech also had a thousand compilation CDs pressed that feature an even-more-eclectic eclectic bunch of locals and semi-locals such as Fusion of Syllables (FOS), Joe Kuzma, Looks Like Me, Against Tomorrow's Sky and others. Five hundred copies will be distributed freely at the all-day show; the other half will be available at Independent Records.

Where some members of the underground community might have reservations about working with a car company, Leech sees it differently:

"Honda's on there because nobody else would drop the cash." Such an abruptly pragmatic capitalist philosophy coming from a punk rocker in a marketing class may seem a bit disarming for those still clinging to their ideals, but in a town where many in the Springs underground rock community constantly decry the lack of a scene, Adam Leech seems practically oblivious to such concerns.

Local musicians are also excited for the opportunity to show the collective force of the music scene in Colorado Springs.

"[Adam Leech] utting this show on and issuing this CD proves that there's something going on here in the Springs," said Mike Stephens, singer and guitar player for Against Tomorrow's Sky, one of the bands featured on the CD.

--Brian Arnot



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