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Long story short 

Being a progressive in Colorado Springs, as many of our readers know, means getting accustomed to minority status.

It means being scorned by conservatives. It means being judged as constantly wrong, and often not entitled to your own opinions. It also means celebrating small victories and taking a long view whenever possible.

But sometimes, we at the Independent must react to the news of the day. So when Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter decided not to seek a second term, there was a story to tell. Not even one full year after President Barack Obama's inauguration, party leadership lacked direction, and many locally and nationally who had felt so much hope were feeling disenchantment, if not despair.

Sure, expectations were too high entering 2009. Democrats historically have been a party of disorganization, and the mess from the previous eight years might take eight more years to fix. But should we be this far away from fresh ideals taking hold and inspirational legislation being passed?

In 2010, we face an election year that could undo some of the magic — before it has had a legitimate chance to work.

With that, we invite you to check out the cover package (starting here). And, if you're one of those progressives, we'd ask that you not blame the messenger, but instead be part of the solution.


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