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When Angela Grosshans, Kurtis Lee and I were brainstorming this edition of the Independent's annual Student Survival Guide, we asked a lot of questions. Like, "Where did the vending machine go?" and "Why are the graphic designers dressed up like pirates?" We soon learned that disappearing snacks and eccentric artists are just part of the Indy's charm.

Interns, or unpaid lackeys, as they're lovingly called in the office, are often thought to be abused, errand-running, coffee-making inferiors to the higher-ups.

Not at the Independent.

Sure, A&E editor Pete Freedman called me "Intern" more often than "Amanda," and culture editor Matthew Schniper thought I'd enjoy visiting the Health Department with him. Multiple times. On a few occasions, we got stuck writing listings. (Anything for you, Jill!)

But we also gave input at meetings and pitched story ideas. We received writing assignments for the news, A&E and culture sections, and the edit staff encouraged us to inject personality into our writing. All that without making one pot of coffee. Cha-ching!

Anyway, enjoy our group effort, a primer to college life here in Colorado Springs.

Amanda Lundgren


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