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Sometimes our cover stories tackle well-known issues. Others are meant simply to help readers become better informed about the community.

Occasionally, we look for surprises. And as soon as we read Josh Zaffos' disturbing account of all the potentially damaging chemicals that surround us in our everyday lives, we knew it was worth sharing.

Even if you aren't paranoid about your surroundings, the story ("Chemical imbalance") probably will make you shudder. It gives you an ominous picture of how many different chemicals are coming into contact with all of us, whether we know it or not.

Perhaps the chemicals come from the inside of that computer, just an arm's length from your head for hours on end.

Or possibly they're coated on the inside of your water bottle, if not the oversized coffee mug you take to work. Who knows, they might be in your shampoo or your vinyl shower curtain.

Then you read about how these chemicals can affect you, and how they've changed the sexuality of fish in not-so-pure mountain lakes. Yet nothing is being done to stop them.

In truth, "disturbing" might be too bland of an adjective. Chilling, if not horrifying, would seem more appropriate. Read for yourself, and see if you agree.


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