Long Story Short 

It was an effortless pitch: "There's this local trucker I heard about who's in his 70s and has driven millions of miles ... "

My editors and colleagues raised eyebrows, signaling recognition of a potential winner, a rarity late in the second hour of a meeting.

We started calling the story-in-progress "Supertrucker." By virtue of longevity and mileage, Floyd Gessner had taken on the persona of a man of steel.

When I actually got into the field with him, the Old Colorado City resident not only met, but exceeded, the criteria for such a moniker. The guy's a horse. Or a tank. Or whatever phrase you want to use that means "tough as hell."

Most of us grew up with our eyes glued out the windows on family vacations, motioning for truckers to blow their horns and giggling madly when they obliged. And we've all flinched at the thought of using one of those emergency pull-offs on mountain passes. But not many of us know what a day in the life of a trucker is really like.

More so, what's a day in that life like today, with killer prices for fuel? (See cover story.)

If anyone can say, Supertrucker can ... he's hauling the stuff.


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