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When I was little, my parents — desperate for some adult time — let our babysitter's brother fill in when she came down with the flu. That night my brother and I ate pancakes and popcorn for dinner, sat way too close to the TV, and stayed up 'til nearly midnight watching an old monster movie on "Creatures from Dimension 13."

Mesmerized by the forbidden and paralyzed with fear, we peeked through our hands as a rubbery black bat danced through open windows and materialized into an eerie, pale man named Dracula. He would prowl silently through dark bedrooms, and with a sweep of his cape, cover helpless victims and suck their blood.

For years afterward, my mother wondered why I wrapped my blankets so tightly around my neck even on the hottest nights. I still don't like scary films, but I enjoy "scary" ones — with cheesy rubber bats on fishing line.

Now, a local team is working on a feature-length documentary (see here) that goes behind-the-scenes of The Creeping Terror, one of the most "delightfully bad" horror films of all time.

With their movie Creep!, they'll share the best moments of the laughably pathetic plot, talk with those who fumbled through it, and in the process reveal the identity of the movie's true monster, the man behind the camera. You won't know where to laugh or scream.


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