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Long story short 

Though I grew up in a Midwestern city, my parents were farm kids born late in the Great Depression. At our dinner table, I sometimes thought that was a bad thing — usually when I didn't want to "clean my plate" and a lecture would follow about how hard it was to milk an uncooperative cow, or how long it took to grow a serving of string beans.

As a parent, I've never insisted that my children eat every bite of dinner. With childhood obesity and diabetes on the rise, as well as concerns about triggering an eating disorder, I figured it was more important to teach my kids to stop eating when full.

Now, a movie coming next week to Colorado College has me rethinking that approach. In the trailer for his film Dive! Living Off America's Waste, Jeremy Seifert, who grew up in Colorado Springs, says, "Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food, which means we're feeding our landfills as much as we're feeding our country."

It's a shocking fact that Seifert uncovered as he began diving into California food-market dumpsters to reduce his food bills. When he saw the stacks of often-expensive, still edible, sometimes even mouth-watering items that he and his friends could retrieve, he knew he had a story.

Read more starting here, and you might find yourself cleaning your plate again.


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