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As we made our plans for covering this historic municipal election, perhaps our most difficult question was when to publish endorsements.

Our initial plan was to have them ready for the March 17 issue. By then, most voters would have received ballots — we had been led to believe, from the city's election calendar and news releases, that mail ballots would start going out March 11. So our selections would have appeared with all but the earliest of early birds still preparing to make their choices.

Turns out all ballots actually go out Wednesday, March 16. So a March 17 endorsements package, in some ways, would have been perfect.

Ah, but we didn't realize how early we'd see endorsements from other entities — such as the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs, the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, police and firefighters. We're guessing they wanted to publicize their choices ahead of March 11.

Anyway, we reached the point of thinking, with other endorsements available, that March 17 might wind up being too late. So we're giving you our package now to make sure that you, as readers and voters, have as much information as you need to make your choices.

As always, of course, our first concern is not which candidates you prefer. We just want everyone to vote. Then, later, you can complain all you want.


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