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It was almost as if, in a moment of canine transcendence, the dog understood this one person was not like the others in the room — the family it knew, the khaki-wearing reporter, the photographer, the on-the-ground nonprofit worker.

Of course, I may be reading too much into this. But whatever the large, gray pit bull was thinking when it burst out of the bedroom door, tail wagging fiercely and body trembling with excitement, one thing is certain: It made a beeline for the couch and clobbered the only CEO in the room.

Poor Lynne Telford. Thankfully, the dog didn't do much damage besides a few licks in the face and some overly exuberant lap-bouncing.

And Telford, the new leader of Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, quickly recovered from the shock. In fact, despite the pouncing, Telford later said how much she had enjoyed this trip to Crowley County, where she met some families her organization serves.

Before she came to visit, Telford knew this place, whose border touches that of El Paso County, only as a problem to be solved: It's the poorest county in the state.

But looking at it head-on, Telford saw what we all did in Crowley County (described in the cover story starting here). Despite the poverty, despite the transcendent dog, there's just something about this place that sticks with you. Something unforgettable.


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