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Long story short 

Most of us journalists don't often venture into the realms of theology. It's really not our thing; not our area of expertise. And though we might find the Bible thoroughly quotable, actually quoting from it feels ... foreign.

There's just something peculiar in citing Jesus Christ, whom many consider the ultimate authority, when we tend to busy ourselves day-to-day by talking with and reporting on much, much lesser authorities.

When Caleb Lázaro approached us, he didn't come with a story. He came with an opinion. More specifically, with a theological argument that plays on what we secular types truly appreciate in the teachings of Christ: compassion, mercy and kindness.

How can you argue?

Well, it's easy, as the Republican presidential debates make clear — especially in the overwhelmingly hostile political rhetoric about immigration.

Lázaro, a 23-year-old pastor to local undocumented immigrants, was himself once undocumented. He understands the pain and fear that come with trying to make a better life in America. And from what he has seen, he says, our country's immigration policy is in no way informed by the Christian value of welcoming the stranger. (See the story starting here.)

He wants his fellow Christians to ponder whether their views truly align with what it means to live a life following Christ. Which seems to be what a large majority of undocumented immigrants are doing.

Speaking of Caleb Lázaro, undocumented Immigrants


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